Thursday, June 25, 2009 got Ledet'ed

Don't fuck with Judge Ledet, fellas.

Here's the unfolding lesson for Michael Dell and Fortune 500 CEO's nationwide....stay the fuck out of New Orleans.

Once again...thanks Ray. Thanks for bringing your stellar business prowess to the aid of our city for the past 8 years. You've definitely done your part to "keep the brand out there". I think you may be due for another Bernardo "Excellence in.....uh....keeping the brand out there....award".

yeah boy...good stuff....errhhhh...




pork salad annie

alligator ate your grannie.

Anonymous said...

Question from today's wwltv story online:

>During the trial the mayor said under oath that he had deleted many of his e-mails on the instruction of his information technology officer, due to a lack of storage space.<

Does this make any sense?

IF Nagin had left all his emails on the server and not archived them, then wouldn't a tech guy say "archive them," not delete them?

Amazingly, this is also going on somewhere else: