Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bill Maher

tonight. very excited.

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Anonymous said...

I liked Bill and his show on Comedy Central - he had great guests and a variety of views, but towards the later part of the show when he had a couple of flaps about 9/11 or terrorists (can't remember what it was, I thought he was getting a raw deal) than he just started being that grouchy old guy that just has to be opposite of everything and his view has to be dramatic.

From one year to the next, he bounces around his political opinion, he has always been an atheist but only recently has he just gotten uber aggressive over it and I lost my tolerance for him.

There's a reason him and Ann Coulter are best friends, there both super smart, quick with a clever response and pretty much no one else wants to be around them.

I hope the show is great though and he doesn't get too preachie.