Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Proving once again...

....just how out of touch Republicans have become with reality.

Why is he (Obama) so popular now?
[A flash of agitation.] First of all, who cares? His popularity is no greater — in fact it's less — than what my brother's was during the beginning of his tenure, in a time of unbelievable friction, if you think about it, because of the 2000 election (No Jeb, you don't want us to actually think about it...if we thought about it you may have a revolution on your hands...kinda like Iran in the present) . His approval ratings were higher than Barack Obama's during his first one hundred days. [Actually, according to Gallup, during the first hundred days of his presidency, Bush had approval ratings that were generally in the high 50s to low 60s, while Obama's were in the low to mid-60s.]

If they are looking to the Bush family to regain their identity...they are seriously fucked. If there was ever a captain of a ship who needs to go its Michael Steele. Actually I'd put Steve Balmer at the top of that list....I mean they all take a back seat to Nagin, I wasn't even including him in the discussion.


Anonymous said...

That's a GOP disaster.



If they score it will be from one of the governors, a real one who walks what he talks.

But I sure don't see who that would be right now.

If Jeb runs watch Republican voters abstain or go Libertarian; enough is enough. That would be falling on their swords.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend you do NOT count Palin out. I'm willing to bet she got hooked up with a strategy team that will be having her appear everywhere and giving her some schooling on foreign affairs, health care and economics 101. All in preparation for a run at POTUS.

BTW, I'm not in love with Palin, I think she got setup by McCain to fail - far too immature to run for VP. I think she is just as experienced, if not more so than Barack so that's a wash but I don't have any preference towards her. She does seem to have brass without coming across bitchy in speeches which is something Hillary had a hard time pulling off.

If you sit back and analyze without bias at the draw of crowds she pulls, estimate the tensions of people and how fed up they will be with the deficits, the recession, the lack of effect from the stimulus, the health care nonsense (yep E I said it, the cap n trade bill will be poison to this countries health care and economy), Hillary has been neutered as the Sec of State unless she quits and runs against her boss and let's not forget the seemingly Carter-esque method at which Obama is conducting his presidency.....I hate to tell you - she's got a shot.

If she gets the ticket for the Republicans, pulls a smart VP like Romney - they have a shot. How many women are going to abandon Obama for Palin if she's the Republican nominee...almost all of them.

Remember guys, recent history shows, it doesn't have to be a landslide, just a majority of the moderates and considering women are outnumbering men lately - uh oh spaghetti-oh's. Man I love politics.

This is the reason the media has been pounding this woman, creating stories out of nothing, just to hound her. Frankly, I think they should have left well enough alone and refused to cover her like the did McCain in the primaries. Now she is a name, she can bring in sympathy and like it or not, she aint that bad to look at (yeah I said it, compare her to Hillary, that's what I thought).

Be careful what you wish for my friends on the left (and I do mean this) you might just get it and be really shocked at the outcome. I would prefer she wait another election cycle and have her and Hillary run off, oh wouldn't that be site. Gawd, I would pay to see that. I think Hillary might win because she lacks any morals and would do whatever it takes to win.

Love my code word, PALIN - dambala has to set these up for me.

jeffrey said...

Huckabee is the one. He'll appeal to everything the 2nd Anon says Palin does but in a slicker less obviously stupid way.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I think PALIN has life in her yet.

she just has to go to school for the next 3 years. maybe she's committing to that.

BeverlyRevelry said...

"If she gets the ticket for the Republicans, pulls a smart VP like Romney - they have a shot. How many women are going to abandon Obama for Palin if she's the Republican nominee...almost all of them."

Anonymous, you are so very, very wrong about that. I can't believe you even wrote it. The ones who would do that already did--and it didn't help. Or at least it didn't make the difference.