Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everybody all together now....

Police Superintendent Warren Riley wrote in response to the audit that he didn't know state law required such written notification.


Holy shit, how many times do you get to say that to the Chief of Police?


Anonymous said...

Riley's incompetence is unbelievable!!!!!!!

Will he continue allowing people to supplement their income with stolen money and property? When will he stop making excuses for his inept actions?

When will Nagin admit that Riley is not the right person to lead the force?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so he didn't report $200,000. And then when he reported it, it was $9000. Hard to make that calculation error.

But then there's this: >Riley is listed in an online brochure as a keynote speaker at The Australian Police and Emergency Services Leadership Summit, slated for Monday and Tuesday at the University of Melbourne. Riley was to discuss "his aggressive pursuit of re-vitalizing a police force amidst catastrophic circumstances, and how he is restoring law and order and public confidence in law enforcement, " according to the brochure.<

Disaster Celebrity? Beteween Nagin, Veronica White, Blakely and Riley cashing in on their mismanagement/nonmanagement of our non-recovery aten't we all just cash cows to them?

Civitch said...


Pronola said...

'Nuff said: http://projectnola.com/community-blogs-a-discussions/community-blogs/earth-to-riley-earth-to-riley-acknowledge-please-.html

Anonymous said...

In response to your commentary that only a Sith speaks in absolutes, I suggest you read your “blogs” after you have taken your meds and before the coffee or whatever it is you take/ in digest to have such a socio-pathetic view of your world. All you do is post rumors and conjecture (a fact you freely admit) and then your few mindless followers respond with even more amazingly stupid comments. Face it AZ – you have keyboard courage to pick on those that cannot examine your sad excuse for a life. But putting aside insults, your logic is flawed.

So because BE is a City Attorney and married to Naef they are involved in a conspiracy? You are an idiot. After reviewing your site I noted your continued re-posting of “incoming new news” under the “I just go this in” obviously in hopes to motivate your few followers and stimulate your sad life to insult people you do not know.

For the balance of your inquiry:

Naef has never worked for NetMethods.

Ask him yourself about the IG meeting, although I serious doubt you have the guts to actually do it.