Thursday, July 09, 2009

Only a Sith speaks in absolutes

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Ellis and his":

Perhaps before you start a blog about someone, you should get your facts straight, as none of your claims are factually correct.

BE Posse

O.K. Posse...lets put that to the test:

True or False:

1. Bob Ellis is a city attorney?

2. Bob Ellis is married to Daya Naef?

3. Daya is the registered agent for Picke Construction, an HSOA subsidiary?

4. Daya actually worked for NetMethods?

5. Bob Ellis showed up at meetings regarding the Inspector General's Office and made disparaging comments about IG Cerasoli and the office?

6. When confronted face to face at one of those meetings on the West Bank and asked why he was there, Ellis replied "I was assigned to the job."?

7. Daya Naef is the registered agent for Associated Contractors, Llc. ?

If you answered true to any of the previous questions, Posse...I think you may need to retract your claim.

In that spirit...I will also retract one of the blog's previous claims....Ellis was not the owner of the dilapidated properties in mid-city:

Ellis is quite the character....multiple blighted properties in all Ray's peeps own blighted property?

This was incorrect.

Oh...btw...I'm 3 years and 644 posts into this blog...I most certainly didn't start it for him.

Ma gavte la nata.


Anonymous said...

You guys are clueless!!!!! Get your facts straight. Daya Naef never worked for Netmethod, she actually worked for Southern Electronics/Active Solutions. When she quit, they got pissed and then filed the lawsuit against the City. That's what all of this shit is about. Ellis and Naef are part of the conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is full of b.s.

Anonymous said...

In other news, Mr. Ignatiusyes is posting quite vigorously on the TP's story about Nagin's righteousness in deep-sixing LTC.

Just a concerned citizen? Maybe.

Maybe a City Hall employee spending time a la an ACOE-like poster to seed public commentary with critical viewpoints? Also possible.