Thursday, July 09, 2009

bad zombie

totally misssed this:

Police report: Computer analyst suspects vandalism of his home was 'scare tactic' related to work at City Hall

Nagin or his cronies had nothing to do with way...couldn't be. Everyone knows that by being the director of the Louisiana Technology Council you're just setting yourself up for terrostic threatening and vandalism considering it's such a controversial job. There could have been any number of lunatic computer programmers, disgruntled telcom engineers, or psychopahtic, solar panel designers out there who just want to sneak up to your house and your public relations director's house and seal the doors shut. Yeah, that happens to heads of technology non-profits all over the country. Purely coincidental that it happened following Lewis's report.

It should be clear at this point that Nagin and his peeps are nothing more than low-life thugs.


Anonymous said...

Everything important about this report aside, but can someone explain the purpose of sealing someone's door shut?

With what? Caulk? Nails? A stick-seal? What?

And why? Annoyance? Does that intimidate in some way? Who does this?

Anonymous said...

Was it this kind of seal?!image/3297685222.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_260/3297685222.jpg

Jason Brad Berry said...

Why is that on Nagin's house in Texas?

Anonymous said...

For lack of a better place to put this....

Latest development - Nagin cans LTC.

Which has this comment (who knows if this person is real, if the poster is making up a name, but it sure *looks* interesting) from Mr. Mumblefish:

>it's no mystery.


he's the citys exchange admin. he is one of the few with keycard access. he works for Ciber, which has Meffert crony Kurt as a VP. Harrison Boyd is his boss.

is it really so hard to put together? I've told the TP but they don't respond.<