Monday, July 06, 2009

Making our state proud...

...those republicans are:

New GOP "Racist" Headache

Oh yeah..."you tell 'em Eric, LOL!". You and Shay get your racist snarks in and make your party and Louisiana proud....keep it up...I beg your true colors.

At 10:31 p.m., a friend named Dale Lawson raised the P.C. defense, writing “the over reaction to it was a little amusing.” Then her friend Piker came roaring back: “I agree with dale… this is still America… freedom of speech and thought is still allowed… for now any ways… and the last time i checked I was a good ole southern boy… and if yur ass is black don’t let the sun set on it in a southern town…”

Piker, I hate to tell you this, you fucking idiot....the sun is setting on your party and people like you and Shay. Whatever sense of misguided nostalgia you hold for "The South" is long gone. You're no longer in the majority, you're just an asshole and so is Shay.

It's truly amazing to watch the republican party implode under the weight of it's own hypocrisy and hatred.

Also, Let's not forget Audra Shay's track record of good judgement in the last mayoral election:

State GOP gamesmanship uber alles!


E said...

Is anyone really shocked when a disingenuous GOP operative from the deep South is outed as a racist? Shouldn't the burden of proof work in the other direction?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I think they need to purge....seriously purge the idiots out of their party or they are going to completely implode.

E said...

But racists were the original building block of this dying GOP coalition. How do you purge your base?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Slavery was basic block of this country...we purged that, no? I believe on the whole the party leadership....and note i distinguish leadership...doesn't reflect idiots like this. I think their best bet of survival is to distance themselves from religion and racists...they should stick to their core, ideological competency which is fiscal prudence.

Unknown said...

Well said Dambala. I am a conservative, and right now the closest thing that represents my ideals elected in office right now is Ron Paul - how bad do you think that makes me feel?

These idiots do not represent the majority of Republicans and let's be fair E, there are some wackos on the left that I'm sure you would love to divorce out of your party as well.

Every family has a member or two that makes them cringe or be shameful, it doesn't mean I think all Dems are Acorn criminals that burn down Hummer dealerships, hate on the military and want to revert to socialism. Just a few of you make the headlines.

Most of the blue dogs I know want the government to do as much as possible to help those less fortunate and to have large corporations more accountable for their corruption and greed. I get that and don't have a problem depending on the method those principles are acted upon.

The elected Republicans problem is they forgot about leading from the front. They can't just talk about fiscal conservatism, they have to practice it as well. Only when they had their butts handed to them, did they stop in complete disbelief as to what happened - I truly wonder how they convinced themselves this wouldn't happen...

What cracks me up to this day is Bush spent, spent and spent and the left love to resuscitate his image long enough to burn it at the stake one more time. Just like the R's did with Clinton - but Clinton had it coming - sorry couldn't resist. Seriously though, how much of Bush's policies did Obama change on the war - not a whole lot. They are leaving Iraq at the same time. They have similar spending habits, it's hard to tell the difference.

Politicians weren't made to bring us together but divide us and perpetuate their existence. Do you think for a moment they couldn't stop their nonsense and come together, sure they can, they did it after 9/11. So it is possible, but the problem was it took away alot of individual coverage from those wanting to be on the Sunday morning shows.

I always go back to term limits, if you stopped making being a politician a career and returned it to serving your country like a stint in the military, then the quality of our government would improve dramatically. It could not get worse.

I truly hope that both sides of the aisle are going to see some serious carnage in the next election cycle. Those that are voting for this incredibly irresponsible spending need to be tossed out. We are killing the dollar, setting this country up for hyper-inflation and about to destroy any kind of hope for recovery if we keep spending like we just won the lottery.

I don't believe the Dems and Obama are evil or stupid. I know they are smart, but I do believe they have sold out our future for a short term gain.

When was the last time you had to buckle down, eat tuna and ramon to get caught up on your bills because you're tired of being stressed and getting those late notices. That's where we are right now people and going to the corner store owned by the Chinese for another payday loan is not going to solve our problem.

Take a look at this link regarding states budgets deficits. This was created by both parties not just the one side or the other.

Now is the time to buckle down, eat that tuna and ramon, stop financing crap with 0% interest and no payments for 3 years, rent movies instead of going to the cineplex, pay off your debt as fast as possible, get those coupons from instead of paying full price and let the natural marketplace return under its own natural energies.

It sort of like sex, the more you force it the less likely either party will enjoy themselves.

Jason Brad Berry said...

right...and look at what FOX did to Paul. They flamed him....."He's a nut!"

No he's not.

Paul is exactly what the party should stand for but the majority of the party is too stupid to understand what they stand for. I don't agree with much of his moral platform, but I know what he's saying is much more relevant than any other republican.

I think I could make the same argument for Kucinich on the Dem side. Somewhere in the parallels between those two men...lies America.

The problem is that no one is listening.

E said...

I agree that the elected leaders of the GOP are cognizant that the transparent racism expressed by party foot soldiers is impolitic. The question is how they prevent that element from being perceived (however accurately) as the heart of the Party.

I don't agree with fiscal conservatives on many things but I can have an intellectual debate with conservatives that base their worldview on that kind of orientation.

My comments about the inherent racism of the GOP speaks to the practical political coalition they've built over four decades to institute a whole range of "policies" - some absolutely abhorrent and some that I just disagree with. That coalition was built around an opposition to civil rights. The base of the Party - and I generally wouldn't say Ron Paul supporters or even the overall Republican electorate constitute that base - remains very much attached to dejure and defacto forms of racism.

Jason Brad Berry said...

To hell with comes Mongo!