Monday, July 06, 2009

Fear and loathing in....Missouri....New Orleans?

What a load of shit:

I know what it means to miss New Orleans, while standing in front of the St. Louis Cathedral

New Orleans is exactly what is should be....the most dynamic city in the country. We got ups, we got downs....we got it all.

Get the fuck on the bus, go back to Missouri and wax some nostalgic bullshit about St. Louis. For those of us who actually live here....we got shit to do.


Beth said...

I tried to comment but it would have meant creating a Kos account and I'm just not hip enough for that.

"They'd point out that the biggest change was really the people, all the cool people that had made the city the great place it was hadn't returned yet."

That line made me guffaw. All the really cool people left, man! Bummer!

God, I hate hipsters.

Anonymous said...

What Beth said. That site is populated with alot of self absorbed douchbags.

"ourselves alone"

GentillyGirl said...

Well if this person's idea of trying to find out the reality of the situation is to only browse forums at, they aren't someone we want to come back.

New Orleans was created to train the faithful. The faithful, whether in the city or away are always here.

We're the cool ones.

Puddinhead said...

I been knowin' I ain't one of da "cool people" sence da tird grade, bra...

Banzai Bill said...

Yeah you right, Gentilly Girl.

Now, I'm speaking from "exile" still, but the two things I have found when I return home is a sense of "resiliance" among my friends in the City. I would also say that they have a strong sense of anger as well. These two characteristics shape and will shape the changing New Orleans.

It may take some time, but we will find our way back home. Until then, we will continue our constant visits back home.

Jason Brad Berry said...

self absorbed douchebag describes it best.

I wonder if he stopped to consider that there may not be people on Jackson square because its over 100 frikkin' degrees outside. If I was Tarot reader my ass would be in the shade somewhere until the sun went down. If I was tourist, I would be in a fucking bar drinking a margarita.

The fact that he lives in Missouri of all places and is bitching about the "hipness" of New Orleans is the height of irony.

Also....the Jackie Clarkson bashing is ironic considering that Clarkson has been the champion of defending the hotel/motel moratorium in the Quarter. She's probably done more to preserve the integrity of the Quarter than anyone else on the Council...but yeah she went a little nuts on the gutter punks and Jackson Square benches at one time.

The whole post borders on carpetblogging to me.

-iii< said...

I would second that reading comments to quench one's nola-stalgia is pretty much the dumbest thing ever. I think 95% of those commenters live in Houston, and the rest on the Northshore.

I left NOLA, and i miss it, but I ain't making lame excuses--"oh, it wasn't me, it's just that all the cool people didn't show up". WTF?

BevelryRevelry said...

"carpetblogging" is just great (the term, I mean, not the act).

Unknown said...

Onyx is sad and wanted to share. Unfortunately, sadness does not excuse lame logic and pathetic reasoning. Onyx's words read like sloppy painting done with a crusty, dry brush dipped in a can of old, sticky paint. Is narcissistic pity party a legitimate condition? Carpetblogging! Dambala, you are quite the wordsmith!

Anonymous said...

When this Onyx dude speaks of "cool people" methinks he is referring to gutter punks. All the clues are there when you read his responses in the the comments section of the article. Who the hell goes to Jackson Square at three in the morning to find "cool people" to hang with? The only folks in JS at that time of the morning are gutter punks. The only people who hang in Woldenberg Park in the wee hours are gutter punks. He also references getting screwed by his landlord Mr. Kahn. Who the hell rents from Kahn these days except druggies and punks? I mean, you take one look at any of his buildings from the front and you know you're not even going to stay to take a look at the interior.

If Onyx really knew anything about this city he wouldn't be looking for quality information on the forums. If Onyx had truly met some cool and enlightened people then he'd be reading their blogs, such as American Zombie, We Could Be Famous, Humid City, Humid Haney,etc, etc, etc....

I know this is just this one little wannabe's opinion, but I think it's really irresponsible for the Daily Koz to run this piece by some dude who admits he hasn't lived in the city for over a year. I don't begrudge them running a negative piece on New Orleans. Sure, the Koz likes to keep it "edgy". But the least they could do is get their bitch-piece from someone actually living here who knows the real things to bitch about....and there's plenty of real shit to get pissed about. Too bad this dude doesn't know what they are. He's too busy lamenting the fact that we ran his gutter punk friends asses out of town. We're a very accepting city but we will not accept punks begging money off of us when we've all worked so hard for everything we have. New Orleans is not the place to come to if you have nothing to contribute.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Anon...I think you are on the money, sir. That is an excellent observation which esacaped me when I first read that post. It makes total sense now...Onyx...he/she is a guttapunk.

Is it strange that I now feel a wee bit of regret for railing on him/her? I am a bit more sympathetic knowing the gutter punk factor. Not that I idealize them or anything, but I'm not as hostile towards them as most folks are.

I lived in the Quatahs for 3 years right next to Kaldi's. I had a loft apartment on St. Philip which was insanely hot during the daytime in the summer, even with the AC running non-stop it would be like 95 in there at high noon. So I spent most of my summer days reading at Kaldi's...which of course was a parade of guttapunks, hippie street farmers, and generally weird and interesting people. I miss Kaldi's.

Now who's getting nostalgic?