Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Our own Palin scenario

I heard this rumor last week and I dismissed it because I heard from a very trusted source that it wasn't true. Looks like maybe it has legs after all:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "For the techies":

Looks like the Carter rumor has been confirmed. They discussed it this morning on the african american radio station in New Orleans and confirmed he was resigning in 2 weeks

If it is true...the guessing game begins. Is he planning a run for mayor? Is he involved in a criminal scandal? Is he planning on running for president on the Republican ticket in 2012? Does he want to be a FOX commentator? Who knows?

What I do know is that if he does resign....I am officially starting the draft Jane Booth for City Council District C campaign, asap.


jeffrey said...

Really? Another Yuppie Lawyer with planning and real estate interests? Hasn't the Stacy Head experience taught you anything?

Jason Brad Berry said... obviously have no idea who you're calling yuppie. But you call a lot of people yuppies. That's one of the funniest mis-characterizations I've heard in a while. the real estate one.

jeffrey said...

Lawyer = Yuppie

Planning Commission = Real Estate interest

Jason Brad Berry said...

That's logic I wouldn't dare engage.

jeffrey said...

Probably well-advised.

jeffrey said...

.... as that way lies madness. Madness, I tell you.

Civitch said...

Because there's less than a year left in the term, if Carter does resign, then the Council picks his replacement (usually approving his recommendation), and that person is prohibited from running in the next election. So if you really want Jane Booth in there long-term, you'd want her to run for the office.

Frankly, in declining to squelch these now-public rumors, Carter has rendered himself ineffective and useless. He should do the right thing and resign so that District C can have some representation on the Council.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Thanks for straightening that out C...I was very unaware of that stipulation.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the connection to Carter's getting squeezed during the transparency hearings? or during the IG hearings? He was pretty, pretty shakey.

And he's pulled a real disappearing act lately.

There's also the possibility that whoever backed him in his first narrow win over Booth isn't backing him now, or won't be next go round, or won't even be around next go-round. Or maybe Carter's the one who isn't playing ball anymore, and maybe he's the "compromised" one.

Or maybe he's just sick and tired of it all for extremely low pay.

jeffrey said...

If I may be a bit less knee-jerk ridiculous for a moment. I generally bristle at the proposition that any one pol/activist is going to "reform" away our problems somehow. It's a general assumption of mine that anyone aspiring to leadership or public recognition is bound to be guilty of some pretty serious moral compromises along the way. This is not to say that our only recourse is to sigh and throw up our hands, only that there isn't much we can do directly other than keep an eye on stuff and tell the truth as we see it. And this is why I bristle when I see anyone actively promoting a candidate for anything. It looks either disingenuous or naive to me. The truth is I don't know anything specifically bad about Jane Booth. I just have assumptions about people. I probably could be a little less flippant about that.... but then again who cares?

erzulie said...

Go, Jane Booth!! I'd vote for her...definitely!

Jason Brad Berry said...

- generally bristle at the proposition that any one pol/activist is going to "reform" away our problems somehow.

i didn't say that...did i say that? i don't remember saying that. I just said I dig her for city council.

Civitch said...

FYI Carter was in a runoff with Kristin Palmer, not Jane Booth.

jeffrey said...

And Booth actually contributed to Carter's campaign for Congress in 2008.


Didn't say you said that. It's just a bias I have that explains why I don't react well when people get enthusiastic about candidates.

E said...

I've been hearing from various sources that James Carter has hated his job on Council for the last year or more.

The pay, the gridlock, always being set up as the swing vote... not fun.

The only thing that I would wonder about is why he didn't do it sooner.

Jason Brad Berry said...


word....I actually voted for Carter. If he comes up dirty, I'm gonna be as surprised as I was when OT came up dirty.

I still dig Jane B in District C until I"m shown a better candidate.

I dig James Perry for Mayor right now. What say you?

Jason Brad Berry said...

- FYI Carter was in a runoff with Kristin Palmer, not Jane Booth.

kind of

Jason Brad Berry said...

Jeff and E,

by the way...while we're all hangin out here at the bottom...I think Jane may be more liberal than E. Seriously.

That's not a sideswipe, E....I"m just saying that Jane is a far cry from yuppie.

Clifford Bryan said...

Wow ,this is interesting to say the least.I know James Carter has been the Invisible Man lately and I was wondering what;s up with that.