Friday, July 17, 2009

The Nagin M.O.

Okay so I just want to get this straight.

Former CTO, Anthony Jones, lies about his credentials, falsifies a city contract, holds a press conference and cries conspiracy.....and he's just suspended.

The LTC attempts to recover lost data, with limited access realizes the data has been puporsely erased, holds a press conference and informs the public of their findings......and they're terminated and berated by our mayor.

What am I missing here? What's the logic behind Nagin's M.O.? It seems to be, if you're completely incompetent but don't criticize keep your job. If you do your job and expose the truth....I call you incompetent and fire you.

I seriously want to march on City Hall again....another crime march. But this time I want to march and demand Nagin and Riley's resignation. That was the mistake we made in the first march....we had no recourse. This man needs to stand before the people of this city and be held accountable for the crimes he's committed against us.


Anonymous said...

This may just be total conspiracy-theory-style paranoia on my part, but am I the only one with a sneaking suspicion that someone in Nagin's circle (I don't credit him with the intellect or skill to manage it, but maybe someone like Meffert or one of his employees?) most certainly does still have Nagin's deleted e-mails? I suspect that they will delete anything incriminating, then magically: Poof! The new company, proclaiming better skills & knowledge, "discovers" "all" of Nagin's deleted e-mails. Since we didn't have any of the e-mails before and don't know exactly how many there actually are, who could argue with the administration that there are 50, 100, 1000 missing?

Of course, that's assuming Nagin and his friends didn't take their arrogant pills that day, and would even bother putting on a show of "propriety"

Either way, I really hope that any pre-existing connections between this new company and Nagin & his friends are thoroughly investigated. Even if there aren't any, though, I strongly suspect that Nagin will try his best to use the new company to his advantage.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting discussion involving Mr. Sun: "Determine if data has been stolen from a stolen hdd"

>Suppose a hard disk gets stolen & is recovered after a certain time. The normal forensics reveal no hints of any foreign body atempting to copy the data from the hdd. (PHYSICALLY)

But from a "Digital Forensic Standpoint" what are the other things that should be examined before concluding no data was ACTUALLY STOLEN?<

>There are a
number of fields which might provide an indication that a drive has been
spun up, and/or read...<

>These fields are interesting. However, don't they assume that baseline values are known beforehand? In other words, for Start/Stop count to help indicate if the drive was spun up, you'd need to know that count before it was stolen. Even the time value isn't reliable as I would guess it is getting it's value from BIOS which you could be rolled back
while the drive is disconnected.<

Maybe Mr. Sun is not there to find emails but to explain why LTC can't possibly know or state for sure that emails were deleted for a number of [allegedly] myriad reasons.

Well, also, they're minority owned, so maybe when Sun has their own preser on the City Hall steps it will play into Nagin & Co.'s recent over all theme.:

Unknown said...


For the love of all that is good and wholly, somebody, anybody get your hands on the F-ING BACKUP DISKS and restore his account.

If they are all blank, you get to put them all in a Federal Prison. Stop with the smoke and mirrors, restore his account with the backup tapes. I would have lost my job if it took me this long to figure out how to restore my users email, I have to do it about twice a year.


Anonymous said...

So what does this mean that they have canned AJ now, at this time? Why now?

On the same day Nagin switches tech firms? That can't be coincidental.

This looks like defense mode. LTC has findings and maybe AJ is providing what he knows, so maybe Sunblock is coming in to develop a theory to refute those findings (or prepare a defense to them).

And then there's this:

>Boyd said today that LTC's methodology was flawed because it didn't understand how to assess the city's virtual server network and insisted on doing so remotely, instead of in person and in conjunction with city technology staff. Lewis said that was by design, so his team could keep constant tabs on a long data retrieval process, rather than only when city staff allowed them into the offices on City Hall's third floor.

Boyd's letter also made reference to an LTC finding that a June 2008 electronic mailbox for was missing after a server crash. In his rebuttal, Boyd said that mailbox "was migrated off the database ... around the June 2008 time frame" and there was no crash. Rather, he said, the city moved all mailboxes off an out-of-warranty physical server and placed them in a newer virtual server that was still under warranty and transferred data onto a much larger storage devise called a SAN.<

So here we have CNO insisting that one of their staffers monitor all of LTC's work and control when they have access; and we have a statement that the emails were never lost after all. If the latter were the case, there would be no mystery to any of this (shoot, they ahve the server with the emails on it? That's pretty easy) and is an admission, if true, that Nagin did not delete his emails, which would mean he was lying to Ledet (and Orleanians) all along.

It also doesn't explain how Nagin's would be the *only* mailbox so moved and misplaced.