Friday, July 17, 2009

Could he be this clever?

As I was reading Clancy DuBos's commentary on the firing of LTC and the parallels between Watergate and Nagin's current email fiasco....something occured to me.

What if SunBlock (Christ on a crutch...the irony) actually comes up with the email database? What if they say, "We were able to recover the entire account!" And then when we look through the emails....surprise...there is nothing scandalous at all. What if someone, somewhere, has Nagin's account and is systematically removing any incriminating emails.....then they turn the cleaned account over to SunBlock (once again...its like the heroine in a b-grade movie named "Hope") and voila....crisis averted?

Is that scenario possible?


Clay said...

I'm reliably informed that the fancier someone tries to hide their tracks, the more obvious it is to a trained eye (and the easier to identify who did it).

One way or the other, someone is going to jail for obstruction of justice.

matter said...

Is that possible? Absolutely. In fact, I hope "they" (whoever these mysterious malefactors might be) engage in exactly that type of shenanigan.

Why? Because this kind of manipulation can be detected. It probably won't be easy, but it can be done.

Remember that old trope from Watergate: the coverup was worse than the original crime.

Those too dumb to learn from history...

Anonymous said...

Yaknow, I thought about that.

But I think an electronic trail is left.

Mr. Boyd claims the emails are on the servers somewhere. And LTC didn't or couldn't figure that out? Doubt it.

Maybe they're retrieving emails from all of the City Hall employees, and not to third parties. The intra City Hall emails could be embarrassing, but the third party emails are probably the real killers.

If Nagin pulls out a magic disc that won't do him much good either.

And does Mr. Sun look like the kind of guy that would mess around with this krew? Who knows; but it's hard to imagine he'd just fly in to spoliate and obstruct and put his own neck on the guillotine.

But we will see.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Nagan press conf and 2 things were very intersting:
(1) He said that they were journaling the email which means any emails sent to and from that Exchange server made a copy outside of their mailboxes.
(2) He said he deleted emails on a regular basis becuase he the emails were bring journaled.

mominem said...

Nagin is suddenly so tech savvy, after being so clueless about the difference between 141 and 14,000

Anonymous said...

A couple of important points.

One, Journaling did not begin until March of this year. The same changes that produced the offsite backup and the archiving software, etc.

Two, the mayor said on camera that he deletes his Sent and Deleted Items regularly and that he "assumed" that they were being backed up. This is prima facie false b/c he would know they weren't being backed up the very first time he went to go look for an e-mail someone sent to him from a previous period or one that he sent previously.

Look no further for your mad deleter - he admits he's the one.

Anonymous said...

I read today on a blog that "New Jersey is the New Orleans of the Northeast". This following the revelations of money laundering arrests at the end of a two year investigation by the FBI.

I pose this question: What is the difference between New Jersey and Louisiana?

New Jersey can arrest three mayors in one day, and Louisiana can't arrest one mayor in three years.