Friday, July 17, 2009

Its over

I'm done with Mary Landrieu....I'm filing for divorce.


Unknown said...


Please clarify in regards to the health care bill. Before I submit a yard of rant before realizing we might agree.

I think alot of people are spending alot of time choosing sides before looking at this bill and actually thinking beyond the health care system.

People forget this is a systemic change. It just doesn't change what doctor you see and if those XX million people that you might or might not be get coverage at the end of the day.

This change will send ripples and after shocks through industries the talking heads haven't even brought up yet. I want health care for myself, you, even E (hehehe, couldn't resist), however not at the expense of nearly 60% tax rate, tens of millions still being uninsured AND it cripples our economy.

The economy is a mass of energy in motion that once slowed down/stopped it takes more energy to get it going than it took to keep it going.

With that said, I think the talking heads need to lay off Biden this once because he didn't say anything that Keynesian economists haven't said for years and it's what Reagan did. He's had some whoppers, dis wasn't one of 'em.

It also bothers me that they have only spent 10% of the original stimulus and are holding it back so just before mid term elections - BAM!, hey look what we did for you, Vote for me (please don't remember that 70% of you were polled to be against this stimulus package - and they won't).

Sorry for the rant, tried to keep it short. Summary, no fan of Mary, big fan of slowing/stopping this bill and creating a new one that can pay for itself without killing the economy.

Also, please review the CBO opinion of this bill and provide your observations. Interested to read your thoughts.

Jason Brad Berry said...

My specific issue is more with Landrieu than the issue itself. ML is certainly not representing the interests of the folks of this state who voted for her. Of all the states in the country who need access to public health care....we have to rank in the top. She ran as a democrat and her core voter base needs this health care bill. She's not serving the best interests of the people who put her in office and for that...I say fuck you very much...I'm moving out.

matter said...

Mary Landrieu is a good little whore!

See what Karen Gadbois has to say.

Anonymous said...

Why do people keep confusing the health care industry with the insurance industry? Insurance companies intend to profit; the problem is their being in health care at all, since if you believe health care is a "human right", it shouldn't be a magnet for greed.

Take out the middleman to reduce costs.

Anonymous said...

has anyone requested Ceeon or any other Administration staffers emails?

Anonymous said...

first smart thing mary's done in a long time.

government run health care...yeah, thats the ticket.