Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Surprise

The BE (Bob Ellis) Posse must not be into taking tests. Makes me wonder how they passed the Louisiana Bar. Also makes me wonder how many of them will be disbarred. I hope you're all getting paid well....(snicker...cough)...especially those of you conducting random home improvements to folk's houses:

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If I was a member of the Bob Ellis Posse I would drive my car today straight to the us attorneys office and just plead guilty. I don't see any reason to fall on the swords they laid on the ground because the entire posse is headed to the federal pen. The cat is out of the bag and the scam has been uncovered.

Muchos Gracias to the Ellis/Naef maritial alliance for fleecing us with your concocted schemes to defraud us taxpayers. The Republican Party thanks you as well for linking them into the Nagin scandal.

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Anonymous said...

Um, please tell us more about the Ellis-Naef outfit.