Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shit goin' down in da hood

First we had the door sealing incidents.

Now this.

WTF....has everybody gone gangsta in Louisiana politics? Is Mary L. gonna pull a drive-by on Karen next? Is Veronica White going to leave a horse's head in Stacy Head's bed? Is Nagin going to send Lee Zurik a white powder letter?

I think its time to launch the BLF - Bloggers Liberation Front....All your base are belong to us!

Oh and just for shitz and gigglez....I think it was Gene Mills and the LFF.


mominem said...

that Schlitz and gigglez

Carmen said...

I blame David Simon's scriptwriters.

jeffrey said...

LOL Carmen!

But no... this is more something out of K-ville, isn't it?