Friday, August 28, 2009

Can anyone out there explain this?

Is H.S.O.A connected with Halliburton in some way? This was announced way back in 06....before the company started imploding on itself. But I have never seen anything about a Halliburton connection until now.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Bone to Picke":


November 1 2006 "Home Solutions of America Acquires Associated Contractors; Acquisition to Allow Company to Participate in $270M Rebuilding Project for Stennis Space Center"

Contact people: Jeff Mattich (HSOA) and Matt Kreps, Halliburton Investor Relations.


Anonymous said...

Dec. 3rd, 2006, 12:13 PM. brownboy1119, a regular poster on the forums at wrote:

"My almost daily talks with HSOA and Halliburton leave me with the impression that the insider buying, in their opinion, will be sufficient to create a "buzz" for their company."

I'd like that explained, too.

The stuff you can google that links Halliburton and HSOA often has a contact number for a Halliburton person down at the bottom of a press release about HSOA.

The people at Halliburton who are listed as the ones to contact are:

Hala Elshebini
Matt Kreps
and, when they were swamped with calls from investors worried about the dips in HSOA stock prices, someone called Geralyn DeBusk

Is Halliburton an investor in HSOA?

Anonymous said...

HSOA's Daya Naef's 'Wolf Ventures' MAY be the same as a company in Colorado called 'Wolf Asset Management'. Go to and see. If anyone knows how to, they can do some follow up digging to see if this checks out.

Wolf Asset Management advises people about how to invest.

Jason Brad Berry said...

No to that, but even so I'm not sure what relevance it would have. From Colorado Sec. of State:

ID Number: 19921077517
Registered Agent: DAVID O. WOLF
Registered Agent Street Address: 25 S FAIRFAX, DENVER, CO 80246, United States
Registered Agent Mailing Address:
Principal Street Address: 820 S Monaco Pkwy., Suite 312, Denver, CO 80224, United States
Principal Mailing Address:
Status: Good Standing
Form: Corporation
Jurisdiction: Colorado
Formation Date: 08/06/1992
Term of Duration: Perpetual
Annual Report Month: August

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried calling the contact people at Halliburton to ask them what the connection is or was?

I would be too scared to call Halliburton. It would be like cold calling Satan. Some of you might be braver, and/or you might be some of Satan's minions yourselves. I gather Republicans read this blog. (Peace, it was a joke.) (It was sort of a joke.)(Please don't shoot me.)

I did the thing and got a different result, Dambala. I got, "Wolf Ventures also does business as Wolf (not Wolfe)Asset Management Corp., 1600 Stout St. #1510 Denver CO".

It listed a man called James P. Conboy III as a partner, a lot of the information about other partners was locked, and it said it was an investment advisory service that gave investment advice and did financing.

It might be relevant if one aspect of what is going on is stock market manipulation (Halliburton has been slapped for that before); reading through the archive of HSOA related stories you've posted, I got the impression that that was part of this HSOA situation.

If HSOA is bumping up stock prices and their lawyer/agent in NOLA (the chick with the City Attorney husband) has a firm that gives investment advice, one she's now keeping at arms length as the heat gets turned up, I'd think that might be relevant.

If James P. Conboy (the third) is totally blameless and just likes to ski on his day off, apologies to him.

Anonymous said...

haliburton is an investor relations company. no relation to dick cheneys former employer. halliburton gets a fee for serving as investor relations for small public companies. no story here.

Anonymous said...

A Rovian Plot!

Anonymous said...

Well that's a relief.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that there is nothing to it, Anon. The story that linked HSOA to work at the Stennis Center piqued my interest.

I checked out They have alternative reports into what is going on over at Halliburton. Most of it is Iraq related, but the 2006 report, "Hurricane Halliburton", has tables of figures of how much money Halliburton got in post-K contacts. It is a LOT of money.

The Stennis Center is named. So, Halliburton gets the contracts, HSOA gets subcontracts, and a company called "Halliburton Investor Relations" is involved, but no relation? I don't understand if or how things fit together, but I'm not ready to rule out the possibility that they do. Convince me a little more convincingly.

Can someone explain more about the "insider buying" idea mentioned in the first comment?

And sorry to go back to it, but what is the HSOA involvement in the schools? What did they get that $20 million to do? I hope they aren't the people cutting the roots of the live oaks. GRRR.