Monday, August 31, 2009

City IT services....who's running them?

I'm reading the RFP right now. Hope to have a detailed post by tonight.


Anonymous said...

You may already know this - I've only recently been introduced to your blog. C1BER has been "in bed" with Imagine Software (MSP, GM, SD, etc) since at least mid 2005. I was leased to Imagine on a Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality project by Ascent Consulting. MSP was a good friend of the business manager at Ascent. When it was no longer profitable for Ascent, they had me sub directly to Imagine, which in turn, put my bank account on a diet. I finally got my money out of them, but it took a rather hefty threat of legal action to even get Mark, Scott, Greg or Dwayne's attentions.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well....

First, Meffert becomes a target of a criminal probe.
Second, AZ reveals himself.
and now this...

Scott Domke, GM and the MAS/Onyx crew are trying to use AZ to distort another contractor as business as usual in CH.


After 7 years of raping and cheating this City, a Meffert sponsored team loses it's spot at the trough and now they want to use AZ to sling mud. This is definitely "naturally nawlins"

I have often read this blog with amazement and intrigue regarding the accuracy and depth of facts presented but I never felt compelled to contribute until now.

This statement said it all:
"not MSF actually has a functioning CMS (Content Management Sysytem) to actually run the city portal which was previously being run by MAS."

Although this is a quote from AZ, only someone from MAS/Onyx could have furnished such an assertion based on a blatant and intentional misinterpretation of the RFP and the services the City seeks to acquire. It's an assertion that has been circulated in City Hall and contributed to members of the outgoing MAS team.

As someone who's very familiar with the RFP, it was never envisioned for the successful bidder to provide a CMS. Why would the City pay for another CMS when it paid MAS/Scott Domke hundreds of thousands of dollars for the piece of crap Intelliport System? A system I just recently discovered Meffert had part ownership of from this site.

YES. I bet your MAS contributors have not disclosed that fact.

The City has rights to the Intelliport source code and only sought to have the successful bidder operate/maintain and enhance the current portal (Intelliport) solution if based on a comprehensive analysis it is determined to keep the Intelliport system. That's it.

You would think that after 7 years of raking in the cash, yacht parties, vacations, $5,000 stripper tabs and several members of the original Imagine Software/Veracent/Net Methods/MAS currently under criminal investigation and named as defendants in a civil lawsuit (incl. Scott Domke taking the 5th) that these guys would be eager to focus on life after CH or just focus on what little of "free" life they may have left.

Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered! Most people in the MIS Dept are either happy MSF won the RFP or indifferent. However, there is an overwhelming majority that is happy MAS is out.

Marseyas deserves a lot of fucking credit for resisting to sub-contract MAS Portals (GM Boys). Something ACS, Ciber, Benetech and VisionIT couldn't do although these guys are multi-million dollar companies. That in itself is a fucking story.

Don't fall for the head-fake AZ. You should do your due diligence and report whatever you think is worthy but don't allow MAS Portal to use you for the sole purpose of discrediting the new vendor and regaining a contract with the City.

You are not the only one that has come full circle with Meffert. Meffert and crew often bragged how they were going to get rid of Marseyas and take over his business or give it to some token minority company that would play ball. When I first came to City Hall, I couldn't believe such hatred could exist for one person. I approached and engaged Marseyas with a lot of skepticism based on what I heard. Over time I came to believe in his expertise, vision and commitment to the City. I came to appreciate how he handled himself and stayed the course even though MAS was plotting against him on a daily basis. Although the MIS Dept would have been happy with any qualified vendor except MAS I think it's fitting that MSF Global has an opportunity to lead a major initiative in the City and prove themselves.

AZ, when you talk to your MAS contributor, ask him/her to send the source code for the Intelliport system so the City could get back to business. ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How come third post was deleted?

Jason Brad Berry said...

because i'm heavily editing issues which may get me sued again.

Anonymous said...

Shit we all knw why is was removed the slimball who decided to take a shot was a GM boy I'm sure. Ask Mr. removal does he currently have a job since his boys lost their contract last week. Could he be a disgruntal NOPD programmer subbed through MAS. Yesssssss.

For the new contractor be all you can be and don't fall to the likes of MAS and spoil your name in this small place we call a City.

You get in bed with them your sure to wake up in the TP as the next most wanted FBI criminal.

Hey ask Mike Domke what he is getting paid right now since his bother also needs a job.

Anonymous said...

This is confusing for anyone not part of the IT community or 'in the know' already.

Dambala does have a lot on his plate. Is there anyone out in comment-erland who could help to explain why all of this is important?

Anonymous said...

This is just one person's opinion on why this is important. It seems that Meffert, St. Pierre, Domke, and the others are all in bed together. In a nutshell, they are being paid for IT related services and in the meantime setting up companies which they then send city business to.