Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Deafening Silence

BE have ample opportunity to dismiss anything which has been posted....would love to hear you clear these issues up. Is Daya performing any city related business, particularly in Brenda Breaux's department? Is she signing city documents? If these accusations are untrue...please verify that.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Ellis and his": SO one poster here says that Naef signs a lot of things over with Brenda Breax, who is the City Attorney who deals with housing. AND Naef, Ellis, et al are personal friends with Deputy City Attorney Evelyn Pugh, whom Stacey Head e-mails about why over a dozen permits (Pugh is Safety and Permits)to demolish homes got issued in a two day period last September 8 & 9. (This is in Head's e-mails, you can read this online). In Head's e-mails, which are posted online for all to read, we learn of properties such as 3121 Josephine, which was demolished even though it was on the NCDC agenda, due to be discussed on Oct. 6th. Some of Head's other e-mails are frustrated missives about a warehouse that fences stolen copper and other building supplies. Who gets to issue the "Imminent Danger of Collapse" permits at City Hall? Who decides which companies are going to come and pick up the copper or usable building supplies? I do not know the answers to those questions, but the problems revealed by Head's e-mails and the list of things Naef's various L.L.C.'s were set up to do makes me wonder. This post is not offering any real new information. I do not know if these things are connected. They may not be. I hope someone will ask and find out if they are.

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