Friday, August 21, 2009

I believe this

I have word that the previous post is mostly untrue.

But I still want to know if Mrs. Naef is signing off on city documents.


Anonymous said...

well good luck getting brenda breaux to sign anything.

Anonymous said...


Jason Brad Berry said...

your caps key is stuck

Anonymous said...

The Dude who love his Caps lock doesn't help his assertion. I'm inclined to go with what Mr. Dambala knows (please do elaborate), but I'd still like to know:

Who signs those permits?

Which companies get to pick up the salvagable materials?

If Naef or Fradella are involved, I'd be ready to wash my hands of Naef, even if that made me a Sith.

Dude, if you know something, please give us something to back up what you wrote.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I know only what has been asserted. My goal is to find out what the truth is.