Saturday, August 29, 2009

The deeper you dig...

Imagine Consulting

We are a professional Web and technology services company with an emphasis on e-business development.

We offer IntelliPort Series Content Management System as the portal management tool for e-government, e-commerce and e-business solutions. Imagine's highly experienced integration and application development staff successfully built the 2005 e-Government Best of the Web winning website for the City of New Orleans.

The city relied on a static "brochure ware" website with little more than email from type city services. In two years, the IntelliPort CMS .Net solution provided the development platform to create over 70 online city services, re-deployable custom components and department level content management in order to increase revenue, reduce IT costs as well as push information to the public faster and more effectively. With IntelliPort's scalable model infrastructure, the City of New Orleans was able to migrate the website and the key departments and services to remote servers at the onset of hurricane Katrina, keeping the city's information portal online during and after the storm helping thousands of displaced citizens keep up to date with the city's recovery process.

Aside from Mass Portal being a new, tasty, drink at The Bridge Lounge (which only certain zombiefied folks can acquire)'s another goddamn, Meffert company? He's under a federal probe and he still has city contract's? Where is the contract for Mas Group? Can you folks help me find it?

I am pretty sure this company's registered agent is in Plano, Texas. Who all belongs to the Mas Group? Is anyone currently on city payroll working for or with the Mas Group?

And he running the city website? Is Intelliport posting the contracts, or lack thereof, on the city website? Are you fucking kidding me....I hate to sound redundant....but are you fucking kidding me?

I know Intelliport put a bunch of kiosks in City Hall and around the city:

And I know that Scott Domke and Muppet are still listed as the registered agent for Intelliport.

There was even some crazy co-op deal to put them in local Winn-Dixies.

But according to the Mas Group's website, they handle city government portal solutions....and the only city government listed is New Orleans. They have one fucking client?

When was this contract issued? Please, does anyone know?

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Clay said...

You'd figure with the FBI breathing hard down their neck they'd at the very least name it ANYTHING other than Imagine.

Anonymous said...

I see MAS offers credit card processing. Wasn't there an issue a while back about who is currently processing the city's credit card transactions? From the MAS website "MAS Group, Inc. is an independant (MAS misspelled independent, not me)agent of Orion Payment Systems". Interestingly, there is an office right there close to Plano:
Orion Payment Systems of Dallas
3640 Brookhaven Club Dr
Dallas, TX 75234
I wonder if there is a Plano resident by the last name of Domke working there?


Anonymous said...

DE, if you're DaddyEarl, I think I have a crush on you now.

Anonymous said...

Anon, yer makin' me blush!


Anonymous said...

Yes MAS is processing credit card payments for city services which I'm sure Scott Domke and Kim Fury oh i mean Kim Jennings (one in the same, why did she use her marrried name when signing with MAS) does not want to give up. I'm sick and tired of these guys using the City as their only financial means. But the buck does not stop there we have a new user on the sceen what is with all the Washington DC businesses getting contracts or business with the City now has the Mayor found a new group to finance his next venture or is the new IT Director bringing in his own croonies from his place of residency. Is it that MAS is out and now DC is in lets see where the new contracts for the IT department go too.

DaddyEarl said...

Washington, D.C. you say? According to regarding the law firms Nagin just hired "The two firms, Beveridge & Diamond PC and Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, each have offices in Washington's K Street corridor..." Any chance that there is yet another connection here?


Anonymous said...

Yes I say DC. It has come to my attention that all new contracts and expnses are tied to DC firms. I think maybe someone needs to audit the IT and Mayors office expenses. I'm sure they will find a trail to DC companies.

Anonymous said...

So who from the City Administration goes to the annual D.C. Mardi Gras? Lots of deals are done there.

Who does Nagin take with him when he goes to D.C.?

Have any of the City employees worked in D.C. as interns, lobbyists, lawyers, and so on?

Who are Nagin's D.C. peeps?

At our house, we think Obama won't visit until Nagin is out of office, to avoid being photographed with him.

It would be cool to understand how the New Orleans-Washington links work.