Monday, August 31, 2009

I do have to comment on this

From the comment section on the TP Story:

When Ellis shows up at the front door with a summons, identifies himself as the subject of JB's recent blogs, and JB is served heading out a side entrance ahead of Ellis, what would you call that? If you RT bloggers are so righteous, why not make a public display of the service? Would have made for some great pub. For that matter, where's the legal fund for JB supported wholy by all like-minded bloggers?

Yeah? No shit? That's pretty funny, I don't remember that. Where is the side entrance to Zeitgeist?

Also...why would I need a legal defense fund if I haven't been sued yet?

UPDATE: This is getting better:

If JB didn't try to avoid service, he's free to prove it, though I hear Ellis' folks have video of the event. I'm not against anonymity, but JB was in the process of outting himself, so that argument is moot.

A video of me doing what...trying to avoid service? What exactly would that look like? Did I do a tuck and roll? Was I in a Ninja suit? Did I turn into a bat and fly out the side door...the side door which doesn't exist? So I'm supposed to prove I didn't avoid service...whatever that is. got me, man. I can't prove that. Damn, I should have thought to shoot a video of myself not doing that. Silly me.

Oh and btw, who are Ellis' folks? Let's talk about that. That seems to have slipped through the cracks. The "Folks" were there to film me? Really? What am I, Bigfoot? I hope they caught me on camera...maybe Monsterquest on the History Channel is interested in that footage.

This is beyond stupid. Let's get back to who's running the city portal and website.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are able to control the situation. It's amazing how often people get upset and lose their cool when a "bully" comes their way.

Lots of times, the bully is hiding stuff.

Anonymous said...

If at any point in the future a legal defense fund would be beneficial, please say so. I, for one, would be more than happy to pay for access to the blog, if that's what's necessary to keep your spotlight on some of the darker corners of City Hall. Don't just shut down AZ--what you've been doing thus far is too important.

Sophmom said...

I know you walked out the front door & alone. Saw you, I did.

I would much rather see this discussion go on here than at

Anonymous said...

Pleeeeease bring on this libel suit.

Does Bob Ellis really want to subject himself to responding to each and every allegation from this blog under oath during a deposition?

If the feds don't already have something else on this guy, I think he would be better off not handing them a perjury charge on a silver platter. But he's the lawyer.

mominem said...

Glad to know you wscaped the long arom of the law.

Sam Jasper said...

You know I'm with you and so are the others from what I can see in my email. If you need help in any way, reach out. You've got way more support than you know.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this reminiscent of Nagin and Moses-Fields suing LTI?

Isn't Ellis a public official? So even if a conflict of interest not in itself "illegal" - and it may be, or not - shouldn't it at least be disclosed to the public and isn't it inherantly public information? What would they be suing over, that the people they serve have no right to know this information or discuss it? Look at Ledet's ruling on the LTI injunction to see how that would turn out.

Also, in a City government and a law department that was actually organized and in fact administered by its heads, Nagin and Moses-Fields, subordinates would not be getting into public tussles like this in the first place.

AZ, you have performed wonderful service to this community, thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is maybe what we should all expect from grown up lawyers who go around describing themselves as a "Posse"!

They were filming you? That is so STRANGE!

Back to the portal thing, why is everyone sure that the "Imagine" lawyers are in Texas? Is there something about the way Texas does things that makes it easier to get away with stuff there?

I thought Delaware was the state that made business to do with credit card companies easier.

Anonymous said...

How are any of the people you post about supposed to disprove the lies you tell about them?

Jason Brad Berry said...

- Anonymous said...

How are any of the people you post about supposed to disprove the lies you tell about them?

Open tell. Show me a lie. Please...I beg you to show me a lie.

Leigh C. said...

The two guys that were with Naef and Ellis were holding no cameras, unless they were hidden. The only video I could see being taken was of Harry Shearer, and the only time a video camera was ever pointed at the audience was when Morial accepted the award for which time, Ellis, Naef, and the two big guys that were with them were gone from the Zeitgeist.

And Molly Reid did okay with this article, even though she wasn't at Rising Tide this year.

Anonymous said...

Some one posted this as a comment under the Teep story, and it confused the HELL out of me:

"Daya Naef works for the City Attorney's office:

Notarial Archives
NA #2007-66876
NA #2008-38835
NA #2009-24675
NA #2008-47726
NA #2008-36802
NA #2008-36801"

WTF? How does a person go about looking up what these numbers mean?

How could Daya Naef be working for the City Attorney if she was also working for HSOA subsidiaries in cases against the city, or working as their agent as they got those city contracts?

That's even more messed up than the possible conflict of interest that she and her husband might have.

Would these documents be the things the other Anon poster told us Naef was signing up in Brenda Breaux's office?

Is it wrong to even ask these questions now? I don't like feeling bullied into not asking. I'd like to know what is going on.

BE Posse: I have no idea if Naef was signing things in Brenda Breaux's office, and I have no idea what this string of numbers means or what it might prove. But I'd like to know. Care to explain?

Unknown said...

I have video of AZ throwing a fridge off my balcony.


No, I have video shot by AZ of me throwing a fridge over my balcony.

Never mind.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

If I name one will you be a big boy and apologize?

If I name two will you shut down your site permanently?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I will retract what isn't true. Who needs to grow up?

Anonymous said...

Don't cry out loud (sound of smallest violin playing for the snake god).

Jason Brad Berry said...


Anonymous said...

You must be close to something big...

Please keep it up..

The old ways of doing things in this town must end if New Orleans is to have a future. Possibly the light being shined onto the corruption at city hall by bloggers like you will be our salvation.

Good luck to you ... and THANK YOU
from the citizens of New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

This was posted on the article:

Posted by tableworker on 08/31/09 at 3:46PM
I'm not exactly sure which of George's comments are supposedly "b.s." but I saw Jason walk out the front door of Rising Tide. He was alone.

"tableworker" would seem to comport with "Leigh C." (the lady who saw all the "menacing" folks).

Since we know you aren't a liar (you were kind enough to tell us) how does this new version of the "truth" comport with what you claim?

Anonymous said...

silence is defeaning.....