Monday, August 17, 2009

...mic on?......HELLO CLEVELAND!!...

Hey, is there an echo in here? You bet your sweet ass there is.

Our favorite performer, Mr. Anon., has once again taken the stage with a brand new, little ditty he picked up from Louis Armstrong...the airport that is:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Elvis has left the building...":

Try this:

'domestic filing' 36849181K 09/19/2008

It is a little L.L.C. called Echo Tango.

Wanna bet "Echo Tango" has something to do with who is getting the contracts out at the airport?

Louisiana Secretary of State

Detailed Record

Charter/Organization ID: 36849181K


Type Entity: Limited Liability Company

Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing Add Certificate of Good Standing to Shopping Cart

Mailing Address: C/O DAYA J. NAEF, ________ STREET, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70125

Domicile Address: ____________, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70125

File Date: 09/19/2008

Registered Agent (Appointed 9/19/2008): DAYA J. NAEF, 8006 NELSON STREET, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70125

Member: ERIC D. TORRES, ___________ STREET, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70112

Bravo! Encore!

UPDATE: It just occured to me that Echo Tango are military call signs for E.T. Do these guys have a fascination with little green men or could that stand for the initials of the aformentioned member of the company listed above? How

Update 2 -The response from Mr. Torres: Echo Tango was formed as a holding company for a real estate purchase I was considering making. The deal fell through. I've already told you that Daya is only listed as the registered agent and has no other interest in the company.

Echo Tango is a nick name that was used during a campaign I worked on.

There are no contracts at the airport. I have no interest in getting contracts out at the airport. You have no proof and no substantiation of any of the lies you are posting.

Fair enough...once again, its an open mic.


Anonymous said...

As Lucy said to Ricky: "splain it to me Ricky". I don't know these names or their relationship to people in power. Can you make it a little easier for us to understand what you are talking about?

Jason Brad Berry said...

this one is pretty simple:

Their is a city attorney, Bob Ellis, who has a wife which is an attorney, Daya Naef. Daya seems to be the registered agent for what...I think 4 companies, and counting....which are getting gazillions of dollars in no-bid contracts from Nagin's office. Many of these companies are involved in lawsuits with the city as well for any number of reasons.

The issue is whether or not this constitutes a conflict of interest. How involved intertwined are these two in each other's world? Is privileged information being shared? Is Ellis using his position/influence to get his wife work? Etc.

Jason Brad Berry said...

There is....sic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation. I now understand.

Like Lucy and Ethel at the candy conveyor belt, Ellis, Nagin, White, Moses-Fields, Merffert, and others were sticking the candy in their pockets. The feds came in to see what they were doing with the $$$. Feds did not see anything the first time around so they sped up the $$$ line. Now, Nagin and gang are looking at all the candy on the line and trying to figure out how they can continue to stuff their pockets so they can keep their stash secret. For a while, they will be able to get away with it but the feds are not stupid. They will be back to check pockets, freezers, and I hope under the rocks they are hiding the bounty.

Looking forward to the updates.

How about Gill-Pratt? Jefferson played her for a fool while he was romancing Brooks-Simms. I wonder who else was mesmerized by his charm? If I were GP, I would start singing like a bird. After all, it benefitted B-S.

Anonymous said...

Check out the links between Daya Naef and Brenda Breaux. Daya Naef-Ellis is signing hundreds of documents on city of NO letterhead on behalf of the city attorney's housing unit. Isn't that a total conflict of interest?

Anonymous said...

Eric Torres also works for the city. He is a research person in the intergovernmental affairs section of the Mayor's office.

If that doesn't make you wonder about IT contracts and voting machines, I don't know what will.

Don't forget about the Benetech-HSOA connection.

There is a Sam Fradella who works at Entergy. Frank Fradella of HSOA is also the COO of a Houston based 'green energy' company.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Torres, City of NO employee:

i don't see anything wrong on the surface with the mentioned LLC, but obviously if his and Daya's company are engaged in business directly with the City or it's contractors, than that's a horse of a different color.

Anonymous said...

Daya Naef is signing things about housing and Juan LaFonda is in Naef's corner. That's interesting.

Mosey on over to the corporation that decides which projects will get a city bond to help finance them.

Home Depot wanted 25 million in city bonds. HSOA was sued in a class action suit in Texas for 20 million; a Home Depot deal was one of the issues. Can y'all fill in the blanks?

Nagin's son's did countertops for Home Depot. One of the New Orleans HSOA subsidiaries mentioned on this blog in connection with Naef is for marble and granite countertops.Home Depot got land from Nagin.

Bob Ellis and Daya Naef are friends with the family who owns the warehouse at the port that the Home Depot goods come through.

This Home Depot vein could give and give, but more interesting is the Mayor and Council appointed bond issuing corporation.

Many of those projects seem to require demolition as well as construction. People are going to be displaced.

Who might benefit financally from the construction contracts, or electorally from the demographic shift? It affects elections at all 3 levels when the demographics change.