Monday, August 03, 2009

Spin, spin, spin

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Consistent with who's "independence"?

This is just fucking amazing to me...he's making a plea to the American public to avoid a Federal Reserve audit on the ideological argument of "independence"? Independence from what....the representative voice of the American populous? They're demonizing Capitol Hill in order to hide and protect their autonomy?

That's the equivalent of an investment banker coming to you and saying, "You have to give me all your money without any oversight or argument because you're too incompetent to handle it yourself. I'm going to take your money and you can't know anything about what I do with it."

He's basically implying that you can't trust your own representative democracy to gain control over the Federal Reserve's autonomous control of our nation's wealth. The implication, of course, is that Congress is completely inept, corrupt and can't be trusted to infringe on the Fed's "Independence".

So I want to qualify this argument...we are being told that democracy doesn't work...our representative government is completely incompetent and that we must have a dictatorial entity in control of the nation's finances. I swear to Buddha I think he's making an argument for facism in the name of "independence".

If this isn't newsspeak, I don't know what is.

Meanwhile...they're allowing Goldman Sachs to manipulate market trading without any regulation whatsoever. But let's not infringe on Goldman's "Independence"....that would be un-American.


Anonymous said...


Which of these people are Goldman Sachs alum?





Jason Brad Berry said...

That's easy

E. All of the above