Tuesday, August 04, 2009

This is even better

So they're suing LTC because they complied with a federal subpoena? This is insane...they are wasting taxpayer's money yet again. Nagin has raped us for the past 7 years with nothing to show for it and now he's using our money to try and sue his way out of being exposed.

Please...indict this fucker now before he signs off on another 20 million to Ciber, Benetech, HSOA, or any host of lawyers. This man isn't just a crook, he's a damn liability to the city...he's throwing the anchor line around our necks as he goes down.


Civitch said...

This is probably a crazy idea, but could a citizen sue the mayor, or get an injunction against this obviously frivolous lawsuit????

Jason Brad Berry said...

that would be interesting but you he would then probably pay his band of lawyers another 15k to defend himself against that lawsuit.

I think at this point the only answer is to launch a sit in at city hall until he just fucking leaves the city for good. Just leave...that's all I ask for...I don't even care if he gets charged with anything at this point. I just want him gone so we can move on.

Anonymous said...

A basic defense to claims of breaking any contract or agreement:

A party is not only no longer bound by the agreement if the cause of it is illegal, the party is morally, ethically and legally compelled to break it.