Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Class Action? Anyone?

Beaumont, Texas, files suit alleging overbilling against Entergy


Anonymous said...

Good idea.

But lawyers charge a lot and Entergy has deep pockets because they've been picking ours.

Perhaps it would be less expensive and kinder on your heart to take yourself and a couple of friends off the grid. Do-it-yourself options are reasonably cheap.

Small scale solar and small scale wind in tandem might be a better way of kicking Entergy's ass.

Jason Brad Berry said...

brother, I've been preaching that message non-stop. I'm the choir.

Anonymous said...

How can we do this if we live in rental housing?

Coming up with the capital to buy a house is harder than coming up with the money to take a house off grid.

A little portable system of small wind and solar would fit on my porches, but how do I get all my electrical stuff hooked up to it?

Is there some way to do it with 12 volt batteries and power bars?

Is there a way to do it that does not risk electrocuting the cats, the kid, the kids who visit, or the resident and visiting non-kids, even if they are a little tipsy?

Is there a way of setting up a portable system that will not set fire to the little stacks of comic books and unpaid bills I have arranged neatly on the floor of the living room?

I do not want to burn down my landlady's house. If I did that, all our stuff would be gone and where would we live?