Friday, September 04, 2009

Clear Vision

After having time to re-read D. Hammer's article, I want to point out a very telling quote which you don't normally see from a company involved in a potential scandal:

Marc Kahn, chief executive officer for VisionIT, which oversaw MAS Portal until losing the city's Web contract this week, did not address specific questions about its and MAS Portal's relationship with Intelliport. Instead, VisionIT released a statement that said: "We do remain very concerned over the recent questions surrounding one of the former subcontractors for the city's IT services."

I wish VisionIT would come forward at this point and tell the N.O. folks exactly why they hired MAS. This is a service that could have been provided by hundreds of companies. If VisionIT was coerced or bullied by Meffert into hiring MAS, I would love to here the company tell us that.

Otherwise, it appears to me that they had prior knowledge of MAS's potential conflict of interest when making the decision to sub them.

I would actually plead with Mr. Kahn to tell us the truth about the matter. This is exactly the kind of backroom dealing that is killing our city and the public needs to understand what is going on so we can put a stop to it. I realize that due to the potential legal implications, VisionIT can probably not make a statement....but it would be cathartic for this city if they did.

In the meantime, Anon alerts us to this:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Wait a minute":

You missed something even bigger in that report. Go back to the CBD Technology tidbit. It appears that CBD Technology is nothing more than a dummy company for Dell Corporation.

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