Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I"m increasingly optimistic...

...about Mr. Cannizzaro's efforts.

James Gill: For New Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro, a taste of success

I'm not throwing a love fest yet but this man seems like he's giving it his all. That's an exciting revelation in this city.


Anonymous said...

Things with him seem to be good.

E said...

I think he's been pretty good. His daughter's role with that office has brought nothing but trouble though.

If he can send her on her way, I think he'll really be on a roll.

Dad and daughter had another incident last week where they had it out with a police officer. I haven't heard any new details there but it sounded all very unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

There are such mixed reviews about his daughter, I'm not sure what to think.

Her presence at the bar with the cops and the RTA workers was not good; nor was the lying that followed. The special dispensation to hire her, breaking the new nepotism rules, rankled.

On the other hand, people do praise her work. They say she is able and dedicated, and I'm not surprised if her Dad wants at least one co-worker he absolutely trusts.

I'm still feeling both sides of that one. She's young. She deserves a chance.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Interesting. If she is actually producing results, I am willing to overlook the nepotism issue....yeah I just said that.

I just think we're in such dire straits with that office that I'm willing do anything it takes to right the ship. If she is dedicated and on board...I say give her a shot as well.

Anonymous said...

I was one of those who were skeptical when he took office, but I have to admit that it appears that he's doing a good job. I've also heard that he's accepting 100% of the cases that come through screening and as a result is losing a few probable cause hearings. But maybe that's not a bad thing. I was in the criminal jury pool this morning and I was surprised at how efficient things were actually run down there. I can also report that a certain President of the City Council didn't shirk his duty as a potential juror and sat there for 4 hours with us.

lord david said...

Having met & talked with District Attorney Cannizzaro, when he attended a citizens meeting immediately following the murder of Wendy Byrne, I found him to be enthusiastic, educated, open minded and dedicated to the immense task at hand.

With that in mind, I would tend to be willing to see his daughter's unfortunate choices as youthful errors, and trust Mister Cannizzaro's judgemnet in asking she recieve further consideration.

If she ends up like her dad, we may all be better off. A close eye is called for.

Anonymous said...

Cannizzaro's done a fantastic job.

EJ was borderline criminal and who knows what else.

Connick was corrupt.

Garrison was a moron.

This might be the best DA we've had in decades (and who really knows because I'm not sure how things were pre-Garrison).

As for the obssession with his daughter and the fired cop they brought on as an investigator - all this episode tells me is that Cannizzaro is trying, really, really trying to do what it takes to get cases worked up and get wrongdoers prosecuted. He may have failed on a p.r. or some other level, but I have never seen anything malicious in it, but rather have simply been thankful that we have a DA who is moving towards fixing what is broken working to make our streets safer.

If everyone would simply apply this credo to all of our elected representatives from Congressmen to councilmen to mayor to assessor it is just possible this City might finally progress.

- Sobieski

Frolic said...

Wasn't his daughter already working at the DA's office when he came in?

And it's not like being a DA is the most plum job in the land, is it? How much does it pay?

Anonymous said...

I think she was working there, but maybe not as a permanent employee.

I do know that there were stories in the paper about the new ethics rules being bent or put off to the side to let her continue there or to let her get hired full time even though her Daddy had become the DA.

But I say, give her a chance.