Saturday, September 12, 2009

The long tale

I keep getting hit about my highly publicized issues with Mr. Ellis, so I feel the need to update the situation.

Mr. Ellis and I met face to face and I agreed to post any retractions or facts he would like to aver. He expressed his reluctance to do that previously, because he felt AZ was disreputable. I can appreciate that sentiment, but nonetheless, I strive for accuracy and I am still hoping Mr. Ellis will help us set the record straight. I have yet to receive that dispatch (nor have I received a lawsuit) but I'm still hopeful we can sort everything out through discourse.

Any information I receive from him will be immediately posted. Until then, I can't satisfy your inquiries.


Anonymous said...

He needs to sue you. Now that you can't hide behind your blog, you're interested in a a "dialog." I'd bleed you for every red cent you have if I were him.

Jason Brad Berry said...

oh, Anon....a little challenge for you. Show me where I libeled him. Cut and paste a single sentence where I up to that? I have still yet to be shown a single instance on this blog where my words were libelous.

Anonymous said...


Doesn't that have a meaning in Latin, something like 'having been spoken against'?

Who's speaking about this blog in this "dis-" manner?

Anonymous said...

AZ, as Ellis sees so clearly from Michael Vick, OJ, Meffert and Nagin, if you tell a lie and swear it is true, you can find yourself in trouble if the lie is found out.

Perhaps Ellis is looking for the lies you told. (hee-hee)

Anonymous said...

When I first read this post, I had a comment write itself in my head, and I thought, 'Nah, why would I waste more mental energy on bob freaking ellis?', so I didn't post it.

But checking in today, I see that there are five comments, so I decide to read them. And the first one is some stupid troll, and I should ignore it, but here I am, not ignoring it.

Those dumb shits were all about responding to you back when that meant calling you a Sith (Are they five? I swear to God they are five years old.) and strutting their little touchdown dances about how they were a fucking posse.

I mean, come on, a POSSE? That is immature and dumb.

I believe the people who said they went to yell at Cerasoli.

They had no problem responding to you back when their names first came up. They were the most dramatic and over the top posters you had. they were like something from the WWF (the wrestlers, not the pandas).

Their excuse back then was, "daya's the bestest, if she does it, it isn't wrong, even if it is wrong, because daya's the bestest."

They never did answer simple your questions. You ALWAYS wanted a dialogue. A real one, not shit talking about fictional characters from Star Wars.

But then it got a little real for them. More HSOA stories came to light, and we're talking links to already published mainstream media articles, and publically available documentation about businesses and court cases, and a tiny bit of gossip, such as the rumor about Naef signing things in Breaux's office, and that seems to have panned out. No libels there.

Stock manipulation, SEC inquiries, skilled trades people out a couple hundred thousand... all this does appear to be real. It wasn't "crap" you were publishing, it's just these tinpot emperors are not used to being told they are not wearing clothes. They seem to want some forelock tugging shuck and jive.

I bet half the reason for the lawsuit threat is rage that no one here thinks that daya's the nicest girl in the South. Boo hoo.

You have to be honorable in order to have some honor to defend or avenge, and that means your word is good, your ethical standards are high, and principles rather than petty legalisms guide you. Carpetbaggers need not apply.

For all our raunchy, dirty, broke ass imperfect lives, and for all our sins, I bet damn few (if any) of us would pull the kind of shit these Nagin people have been pulling.

Those of us who rent rather than own may seem like degenerates to them, but I trust my own sense of right and wrong, and my own assessment of who's nice over theirs any day. Reminds me of the first Harry Potter movie when Harry tells Malfoy that he can tell "the right sort" for himself, thanks.

Things aren't good for them right now. Bob ends up 'fessin up to shit that that ridiculous group of jerks once denied; I'm thinking about that Benetech side business he talked about in the T-P article.

You didn't fold when he bullied you with that lawsuit. Your community didn't fold, and ordinary people who'd never read your blog before were on your side, not his.

Hot damn if the Notarial Archive thing didn't get brought to light and MAPPED within a couple of days of his stunt.

Avantage, Zombie.

You are being really nice about it, too.

So, the FBI is following up on Meffert, and that is thanks in part to you and to your "disreputable" followers, you win prizes, you DIDN'T libel him, your people uncovered Shamrock Ventures and the FQ real estate, and that Ellis dude can't get it together to write the list of "grievances" he was going to share with the group.

I think he's disreputable.

I think he and his wife (I've never liked the kind of Miss. Ann woman who insists that you call her "nice" while she's screwing you over) and that whole bunch of so-and-so's in the Nagin adminstration are disreputable.

If he tried to sue you, I'd start selling things, pawning things, and having fucking bake sales for you, and I bet there are many who feel the same way.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Fear not sir, HSOA is always on the Zombie radar. At them moment I am concentrating on our City IT department because the story is unfolding as we speak.