Sunday, September 13, 2009

"The Smartest Guy in the City"...

...may come save us after all:

Couhig's coming back for more? Inconceivable!

This is just too funny:

To recap: Couhig... doesn't want to... damage... the city's "psyche" by... running again and not winning? Is that the supposed conundrum he's trying to resolve before he announces? Wow. It seems inconceivable, but that's the most charitable interpretation of Couhig's bizarre statement that I can muster.

God knows the city's collective psyche couldn't handle a blow like that. The only other interpretation I can think of is that he sees an opportunity to attack or exploit the fragility of the city's psyche. But I'm still curious how he took the city's temperature in the first did he get to that diagnosis?

It did make me ponder some things which would affect the city's psyche:

- Drew Brees goes down for the season
- No convictions result from the current federal probes
- A freak hurricane pops up in October and heads our way
- Kermit Ruffins decides he's moving to New York City and DJ Soul Sistah goes with him
- Chris Paul asks to be traded
- Leon Cannizzaro decided the D.A.'s office can't be salvaged and quits
- Jay Batt wins back a city council seat
- Children's Hospital says they're out of money and they have to close
- Delgado says they're out of money and they have to close
- Ms. Mae's catches on fire again and burns down for good...alcoholics everywhere are traumatized.
- Rock n' Bowl closes

All of these things, methinks, would traumatize the collective psyche of the city. Rob Couhig losing another election...not so much. As a matter of fact, I think Couhig winning the mayoral election would damage the city psyche more than him losing.


Anonymous said...

I'll say this as I told my friends still in NO during the 2006 election for Mayor: ABN--Anybody but Nagin and that includes those who ran against him and then endorsed him in the finale. Rob Couhig is a moron for doing that in 2006 (oh wait, I might get sued now, it's great that the truth is the ultimate defense).
Let's see very qualified Landrieu who loves the city or C Ray, Couhig, who ran against the Mayor because he thought he should be replaced help the Chocolate Mayor return.
Here's another word Zombie: Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I just left a post on YRHT, but I'll make another one here.

This city needs another kind of candidate, and no I don't mean Perry.

I'll be voting for Fielkow by the way; after that I am fresh out of hope and ideas.

Frankly, Murray, Badon, Couhig (aka Vizzini) and everyone else depresses me. And hey I have a little secret forya: Couhig (and any and every other Republican) has *no* chance of winning in NO, ev-ah.

Let's face it, you could say this of most politicians in most places, but in NO it is especially damaging and egregious: our best and brightest don't run. There are a myriad of conversationalists, of bloggers, of writers and thinkers and businessmen and and community acters in this city who have great ideas, who stand for important things, who know what it takes to turn this city around, but they just don't run.

One other thing: this city needs a political "party" similar to the "IQ Party" that ran in the assessors race. Non-racial, reform oriented, devoted to creating (not "restoring") ethical government in this town.

All I can ask of liberals, Democrats, conservatives and Republicans in this town, is please, please, please do not ever get behind anyone unethical or who will prove to be. Richmond, who has been suspended from the bar, is running for Cao's seat. Now we might not all agree with Cao, but can we at least say that there are certain people who should NOT be holding the Memorial Jefferson Seat of Public Corruption? Maybe we can throw LaFonta into that category as well? And in terms of mayor, Ed Murray too?

Couhig is a charisma-lacking wannabe-pol who, like Boulet, believed Nagin's promises. Stupid. I disqualify him for that alone. But does anyone want to discuss Boulet's choice made on the same basis? Oh, no, let's not do that. But no matter what, no matter how anyone looks at it, Vizzini, my friends, is NOT the problem.

Anonymous said...

Don't get you panties in a wad that not only Couhig is more important than you, but that your blog's imminent demise won't even have the effect of newspaper making it to the bottom of a canary's cage.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Now that is venom. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln said he'd rather have a free press than a government, and I think the engaged and woken up community of ordinary people willing to spend their spare time following the money and staying alert is more important that who runs for mayor.

A mayor who is only OK but who seems Ok might put people back to sleep again.

The best hope is for people to stay awake and engaged.

It was always a mistake to put all the hope or responsibility on the shoulders of elected office holders. People have to do just what you do, Zombie.

I think that even if the next mayor is a dud, if all the people of goodwill just stay awake and engaged, things will change for the better.

Red said...

That guy is fking delusional!! that's about as ridiculous and improbable as the prospect of Warren Riley running for mayor. I guess his ego isn't going to be satisfied until it gets a good beat down at the polls. Remember Rev. Tom Watson? He couldn't even get his congregation to vote for him when he ran for mayor. And I betcha he won't be jumping his ass in any elections anytime soon. Couhig needs to take heed and go sit down with the Rev somewhere, stop wasting his/our time.

And thanks for the funny what-if collective trauma list:) God forbid any one of those things happens!

Clancy DuBos said...

Anonymous, you've got your history all wrong. It wasn't Lincoln but Jefferson who famously said, "If I had to choose between government without newspapers, and newspapers without government, I wouldn't hesitate to choose the latter."

I'm not just quibbling with your point of reference, but if you start out on the wrong track, you're never going to get anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the correction Mr. DuBos. (That's a genuine thanks, not a snarky one. I don't know why anyone would give a snarky thanks when someone fixed something wrong, but people do.)

Jason Brad Berry said...

btw Statcounter numbers don't portend an imminent demise..quite the contrary.

just saying.

if i can push some traffic your way, drop a link, beeoootch.

charlotte said...

Don't get you panties in a wad....etc.

good on ya,D. *Anyone* who wants to be snarky with their opinion without back-up & signs off as "anon" is a fricken P-word. Werd.