Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MAS/MSF recapitulation....cont.

4. Anytime you hear a politician or public official say, "Why hire out of state when we can hire COMPETENT firms within our own city and state!" Be concerned. I offer the following:

Deloitte and Touche, which Carter speaks of....was an independent accounting firm from Dallas which Amato decided to bring in in order to get an accurate audit on the School System's finances. This was a nightmare for the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people sucking off the NOPS teet....with no performance standards in place.

For the back story, go here. And also this documentary is available here.

I'm not going to rail on Karen Carter or Ann Duplesis. I don't think they are any different than any other politician in our city.

Ok I am going to rail on Ann.

I love this statement:

"We have not done a comprehensive evaluation on his performance.....No...wait...I gotta go back......we have done a comprehensive evaluation on his performance.....and it is absolutely unsatisfactory."

Whooaa!! That evaluation happened inside of her a split second. There must be a team of analysts working full time inside of Ann's head.

I love how comprehensive evaluations can occur in a split-fucking-second.

Damn....that's stunning.


I make this "Point 4" because it's important to understand how backroom deals and BAD deals are pushed through under the guise of "We should pay our own people!", we shouldn't....not if they're not competent and especially if they're screwing the system.

Not to say I don't support local business. I just don't want my drunk friend running sanitation...or sewerage and water.

5. coming....


pd said...

As one of your drunk friends, I resent that statement.

Anonymous said...

Zombie, the paper has two stories about city bond issues, one to help "saint" Benson buy a building near the Superdome, the other supposedly to fix streets, which does badly need to be done.

One commenter makes the good point that the sewer lines and water pipes also need a redo, so are they going to fix the streets only to tear them up to fix the pipes early in the next Mayoral administration?

I'm concerned that our old friends at HSOA and Picke Construction and the other connected contractors and odd little subs who lost out when the Chevron building deal did not go through are now getting another kick at the can.

The city bond granting body is a largely unexplored part of the scandal-plagued Reconstruction of New Orleans.

Can we get some light shed on what's going down right now?

Can any AZ readers bring us up to speed?

I don't trust that any of this is going to be done in responsible or open way.

I am pissed that these weasels are still weaseling even though everyone knows they are bad news.

I wish there was some way to make them stop touching the city until the damage they have already done has been determined.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Paul, as one of my drunk resemble that statement. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you see the story about Sean Hunter, formerly of Louis Armstrong International Airport, and his CRAAZZZY wife in the paper today?

According Mrs. Hunter, her man is running for MAYOR.