Friday, September 18, 2009

Of course

NAACP calls for investigation into IG office

When all else fails, cry race.


Anonymous said...


This is so stupid.

First the libel suit aginst you, Zombie, then half the city resigns within a couple of days of one another, as this was happening, the civil trial starts, and don't forget the MAS mess...a city bond issue and this stepped up anti-IG craziness...

The NAACP and the other civil rights organizations should know better than to get involved in this stupid, stupid mess.

This is so...sad. It is sad.

Anonymous said...

Some crazy Russian has decided to sue a Russian paper for saying that Stalin killed or caused the deaths of millions.

There seems to be a sizable segment of the Russian population that thinks that motherf**king Stalin got a bad rap.

People who worship leaders, rulers, or masters will defend their chosen Big Man no matter what he does.

This holds true no matter what the economic or political system is in play, no matter what the race or religion of the ruler or the people.

vern50 said...

I am done!!!! NAACP and SCLC should be fighting WITH the citizens to help bring down the crime rate. Instead, they are crying race for people who might be less than qualified for a job of such importance as IG.