Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rummaging around in the Memory Hole

It would be nice to see a follow up on this....just to find out where we are with the folks who were fighting for their leases at the French Market:

4 Investigates: French Market still not revitalized as cost balloons


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this from being forgotten.

Thanks for using the words "memory hole", too.

While the company his wife has ties to dithered about getting the FQ project finished, and the subcontractor both he and his wife have ties to did not manage to complete their work on time, one of your favorite City Attorneys bought a property on Royal St. for a song.

Someone please confirm this for me again (look in May 2008). Every time I go back to make sure the information is still there, and still saying what it says it says, my glasses get all steamed up.

Anonymous said...

The French Market Corp. site at the City is a joke. It is artsy and atmospheric, but it does not tell you who is on the board, or who goes to the meetings for the Mayor. You can't get to archived minutes or anything useful. They just use tax money to blow smoke at you.

If you go to the City Directory, under French Market Corp., instead of telling you who to contact, it directs you back to their Fucking unhelpful site.

You have to know before you can find out.

I read the comment about who bought the FQ real estate and checked at the assessor's site. It's true. What has to happen for the opinions of the powers that be catch up with the folk understanding of "conflict of interest"?