Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A scheduled bigfoot appearance...

Get your lawsuits and video cameras ready. I'm gonna be here tomorrow night rapping about the city contract process:

Foundation for Change - Inaugural Event

Sponsored by the James Perry for Mayor Campaign

When: 7pm to 8pm - Wednesday, September 9th

Where: 5416 S. Tonti Street, New Orleans 70125

Mr. Perry has some ideas and I'm curious to hear them. Stop by if you please.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck & have fun; I'll miss the event, but if someone films it, I'd watch.

PPLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSE ask Mr. Perry about the land isues, housing, which foundations to look into, HANO, and so on. He's a housing guy. He probably knows half the stuff I for one would like to find out.

Will you tell us about what you said and what you learned?

Be careful, too, please Zombie.

Anonymous said...

I read the comments undet the last post, and an ongoing theme here is that people want to be able to find public records and simple information about what happens at the city.

A major part of ensuring that contacts are bid fairly and that the subs do the work they are supposed to and that all the gross stuff you post about does not continue to happen is making sure that ordinary people like the people here can get access to all the public records.

Another Godzilla sized issue is "conflict of interest".

It isn't just the Nabobs of Nelson St. who have been pulling this shit.

Veronica White and her husband, the Jefferson family and everyone having sex with the Jefferson family (which was, like, EVERYONE), Nagin and his kids, and God knows what we haven't uncovered yet.

Could someone ask Perry about whether he'll put in/enforce nepotism rules, both within the city and as it concerns who gets city contracts?

Could there be some rules about "side businesses" run by City Employees while they work for the city?

Meffert refining his own product on the city's dime and time is an outrage.

Doing side work for firms that bid on and get city contracts (Ellis for Benetech), and running a law firm in Texas (BE gave his City Phone number as his contact number for this firm, which does suggest that he was doing this work on city time)-- ya know, that seems like too much to me.

And that's without the Fradella and HSOA connections to his wife, and before we'd all read those stories from Florida.

If everyone in the City Attorney's office has been buying up land as they also knew about or helped craft decisions about where the hospital redevelopment or the new streetcar lines would go, or while having access to information about where the development would be, that feels to me like a real estate version of insider trading and stock manipulation.

As far as the MAS shit goes, these people are ACTUALLY pissing in eachother's cheerios.

It is like a bunch of greedy, sex-addicted toddlers with cocaine problems over there, and that is BEYOND disturbing.

If you are going to this Perry and the Zombie event, would you ask the would-be Mayor about the culture of self dealing and lunacy, and about access to records? Thanks.

Jason Brad Berry said...

just for the record. it's a Perry event...zombie will be there. it's not a Perry/Zombie event. I was asked to speak about contracts.

I will ask your questions though, sir/madame.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

While you are there will you ask Alex Morgan why he left City Hall so abruptly?

Anonymous said...

He was Shelley Midura's Chief of Staff, wasn't he?

I haven't heard anything scandalous, and I hope there is no smoke and no fire.

Jason Brad Berry said...

no scandal I know of. I know Alex and I think he took left because he had a job opportunity with the Obama campaign.