Thursday, September 24, 2009

That's what you get for doin' smack in Vegas

Lost Vegas

Please don't start a health care debate in the comment section....I can't take it anymore. My public option is to ignore the public who seems to be ignoring the reality that they don't really have an option. I leave it at that.

Can you imagine going to sleep and waking up in a torrent of flood water? Oh yeah...wait a minute, of course we can.


Anonymous said...

The report about the pumps was depressing. Signing the letter calling for an investigation did make me feel better.

The story about the people in Las Vegas was interesting. I wanted to read all the comments, but I think I pressed a key by mistake, because I ended up on a page where a man was asking why women were always worried that their bottoms looked too fat.

He said that if he wanted to look at skinny arses all the time, he would coach a boys' football team.

Women's bottoms are great, he said.

He concluded with a lament: Why oh why are women so nuts?

How the hell did I end up on that page?

pauldav1d said...

Interesting that they dumpster-dive at night to "avoid embarassment", but HEY! By all means post an interview and multiple pictures of my lover-ly wife and me in our pajamas sitting in our DANK, venomous-spider infested sewage tunnel!