Thursday, September 24, 2009


It appears Mr. Hubbard has spun his final web...word has it he has resigned his post as Parish President.


Anonymous said...

Letten's announcement will probably be about him, then. Too bad. It's OK, but I am still saying "please, please" for City Hall news.

It would be hard to make announcements about that with the trial on, though. It might provide grounds for an appeal, if the publicity about whatever Letten does is seen to be prejudicial or something that might have influence on the trial outcome.

Anonymous said...

Nagin is really on the $-hit list of lots of folk. The call for his indictment is as loud as the cheers at the Saints game. If I were he, I would keep looking over my shoulder because there are LOTS of folk after him.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Hubbard's wife will stick with him like Vitter's wife did?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2, you are right on. I think it goes beyond Nagin, though.

Think of all the people the members of the Nagin City Hall team, individually and collectively, have hurt.

There is a lot of bad energy surrounding the whole administration.

pauldav1d said...

My new FAV pic has him sporting Hanes and boxers.
If his wife won't dress him before he addresses the press, his girlfriend should.