Thursday, September 24, 2009


U.S. Attorney Jim Letten's office to discuss 'major enforcement operation' today


Anonymous said...

Please God, fingers crossed...I'd like to reclaim New Orleans, city of dreams, from these people who hurt us.

Anonymous said...

Cmon, AZ! You gotta have some sort of idea?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I think its most likely Hubbard. We're gonna find out that Hubbard actually owned one of the companies, Pipeworks. But I really don't know.

Keep ye faith, matey.

Anonymous said...

From T-P:

New Orleans interim inspector general released a letter today from U.S. Attorney Jim Letten in which Letten says a recent report alleging poor management practices in the IG's office
"does not assert any facts or allegations suggesting violations of federal criminal law."

Basically: Odom your last attempt to bring this place down was a miserable failure so go check with Tracie Washington and have her call the IG and AG a corrupt office filled with racists and power mongers.

Watch, who is going to come to their defense - Nagin, Washington, that will be interesting.


Anonymous said...

i can't find anything else about this. was releasing the letter 'a major enforcement action'?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I think it was about how they were sweeping the community and rounding up fuguitives and child molesters. nothing in city government ballpark.