Friday, September 04, 2009

Wait a minute

Something popped into my head last night after reading the TP article on MAS and MSF.

When did the MAS contract begin?

This is very, very big deal. Was MAS sub'd by VisionIT while Meffert was still CTO? If that is the case then Meffert, indirectly, subcontracted himself. Just for clarification for those of you who may be a little is the chain of subs for this:

CTO (makes hiring decision) > VisionIT (prime contractor) > MAS Group (shell company..they send invoices) > Intelliport (owned by Domke(s) and Meffert)

So if this went into effect when Meffert was at the head of that snake.....he effectively contracted himself. He was the head and the tail of the ouroboros.

A clue from the MAS Group website:

We offer IntelliPort Series Content Management System as the portal management tool for e-government, e-commerce and e-business solutions. Imagine's highly experienced integration and application development staff successfully built the 2005 e-Government Best of the Web winning website for the City of New Orleans.

Well....there it is, clearly spelled out. Meffert was CTO until 2006. They migrated the portal over while he was still serving as CTO, which means.....HE CONTRACTED HIMSELF!

Amazingly....they verified this on the website.

This may be a bigger smoking gun than the credit card and trips.

Clarification: When I called MAS a shell....I did not mean to imply that there were not living, breathing human beings doing work for the city. What I meant was that MAS appears to be set up specifically as a conduit. So I was incorrect....I just want to acknowledge that there are many hard working people in our city IT department. I am not attempting to discredit them in any way. I am merely trying to expose potential issues.


Anonymous said...

You are awesome!

You are motherfreaking awesome!

Anonymous said...

VisionIT received their contract in 2007 while Anthony Jones was there.

No idea if MAS was on board under CIBER or Benetech before VisionIT came in.

VisionIT's City contract listed a company created by Dell's former sales manager (involved in selling cameras to the City) as a subcontractor? What the heck is that about?

Anonymous said...

From that article: "'Why we're spending $10 million dollars of our taxpayers’ money to Detroit firms, I’ll never understand that,' Patton said."

Prolly because you can't phrase a proper sentence lol

Anonymous said...

You missed something even bigger in that report. Go back to the CBD Technology tidbit. It appears that CBD Technology is nothing more than a dummy company for Dell Corporation.

Anonymous said...

CBD Technology was the mechanism used to get around the state purchasing laws.

Anonymous said...

Please explain Dell's actions in all of this. If Dell went to the trouble of creating a dummy company to get around the rules, they must of known they were doing something wrong.

Why would they do something so troublesome and stupid, if indeed they have done this? What they stood to lose seems greater than what they might have gained by it.

Unknown said...

Anthony Jones was a puppet from day one.

You think the wool was pulled over City's eye's before it was discovered his education and qualifications were a sham? He was placed there as a fall guy, which is why he still has a job in City Hall to this day.