Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what wicked webs

one here




Anonymous said...

Charlotte is awesome. That's one beautiful spider you've got there. Thanks for the great story. I don't think you are crazy at all.

We have a spider, too. We had a lot of fruit flies in our kitchen this summer, and she made a web near the sink.

I bought a new bottle of dish soap so we would not destroy her web. She ate all the flies, which was a big help. I am careful not to disturb her when washing dishes.

I named her Ari. My baby girl points at her. Ari is the first spider she has ever really noticed.

We looked at her through a magnifying glass, and my daughter's wonder and excitement ensured that Ari has a place by the sink for as long as she wants one.

Perhaps I am crazy: I made a little "Caution: Do not disturb Spider" sign and put it up near the sink so that visitors would not wreck her web.

The friend who understood our protection of Ari best has a daughter who is experimenting with keeping silkworms. He has everyone he knows helping them collect pounds and pounds of mulberry leaves to feed them.

He asked us to seperate out the newest and most delicate leaves to feed to the babies, which are as small as little snips of thread.

Love is amazing.

Anonymous said...


can you say Fradella, etc?

Zombie will have a lifetime of blogging material.