Monday, October 12, 2009

Does Vitter hate women?

Doing a Vitter #9

That's a pretty disturbing track record.

Speaking of disturbing, I've been reading online musings about Paula Neble, one of the prostitutes from the late Debra Jeane Palfrey's harem, who Vitty reportedly favored. (HT YRHT)

She was described as a cookie dough engulfing, pathological liar. Vitty sure knows how to pick 'em.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if she likes her cookie dough in pieces or if she engulfs the whole tube.

Matt Janovic said...

Neble had an apartment right across the street from the Pentagon! Isn't that convenient? What were they all up to?

Why did Neble work to get her name changed to Paula MacTavish and go into hiding? Why was she never called by the prosecution OR Palfrey's defense?

Because it would have uncovered other, greater crimes? Probably, but we'll never know. One thing's for sure--they were ALL up to no good, and it probably has something to do with the Hookergate and Cunningham scandals, even some tendrils going to Abramoff. I'm hoping probes into other scandals opens more of this up, we'll see.

Matt Janovic said...

We might ask why Paula went into hiding during all of this or why she changed her name to "MacTavish" at one point. Why is that? She had an apartment right by the Pentagon as well. Why didn't the prosecution call her? I'm sure she was one of the confidential informants that testified against Jeane, so why wasn't she brought in to testify? Surely, she did before the grand jury, right? There should be a real investigation into what motivated the Palfrey case. I'm sure it was to cover for offenders in Hookergate, maybe even Brent Wilkes. Jeane mentioned his name to me on several occasions, but I and others had figured out there was a connection in the summer of 2007. Bill Bastone of the Smoking Gun called Palfrey while she was in Germany on her cell phone (how did he get the number?) and immediately hit her with the question of whether she knew Randy Cunningham. Why is that? Who told him that?

Jason Brad Berry said...

The best way to find out is to get to Neble. I hear she's living in Houston now.

Road Trip anyone?

Anonymous said...

The KBR sexual assault cases are horrifying to hear about.

Senator Al Franken is worth the (ridiculous) wait to get him seated. I'm glad he is addressing this.

While I am pro- gay marriage and not even remotely stressed about unmarried couples, etc., I think once you've got some form of contractual or convental bond with someone, you should respect that, even if it is tough. Pay a therapist, not a whore.

Get out of the relationship in a forth right way if you need to, rather than becoming a cheat or deciever, or screwing someone over.

Legalize as many forms of consentual adult relationship as possible, give people all the choices in the world, and then create a cultural expectation of integrity within what you've chosen.

Respect for the lives and feelings of your sexual partner(s) (or for the feelings of their official spouses and their children, being the "other woman" or "other man" is just shitty) should be the norm.

By all means, let there be liberal divorce laws, but if someone thinks they are exposing themselves to a certain level of AIDS risk, and due to an intimate betrayal, they are actually in a much higher risk catagory they didn't have the information to consent to, that is REALLY bad.

If they don't know about it, they didn't consent to it.

As most people's major asset is their home, infidelity has serious economic consequences for the betrayed spouse and kids.

I think all relationship options should be recognized, but once you've got some sort of tangible interdependancy, and especially once there are kids involved, secretly violating that kind of contract should be treated like the (economic as well as heartbreaking) fraud it is.

I think bathhouses and other outlets for casual sex fill a need or a (fun)niche in the community, but it is always wrong to buy and sell people, so I'm never cool with those who buy prostitutes.

As there are always people willing to have sex for free, something else is going on when people are buying and selling it.

It amazes me that people who are so uptight about sex (and especially freaked out by the free and powerful sexuality of women), who are so suspicious of sexual plurality and of gay marriage, then turn around betray their spouses and lovers in ways we "degenerate freaks" never would, and participate in, or excuse, an ugly, hateful acting out of some old master-slave pattern.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, if you want to know what this woman is like or where she is, I can tell you. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I actually spoke to her on the phone about a month ago. She denied all the stories regarding Vitter. But if you know her and want to contact me about it, you can email me at