Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Faint Rumor

I keep dismissing this, but this is the 3rd time I've heard it....there's a rumor floating around that Mitch Landrieu may be considering running for mayor after all.

Anybody hearing this?


Jason Brad Berry said...

keep coming shit for just keep driving up the stats...thanks a million.

E said...

Dude, this anon is really throwing off the vibe over here.

Jason Brad Berry said...

that's his agenda. there are trolls...then there's this poor bastard.

I'm starting to feel kind of sorry for him. He's running out of barbs...he's gone from legal threat, to supporting death threats, to trying to convert me to Christianity, to racist babble, now to insulting my ability to talk to women. I think he's just playing out his insecurities on here.

I'm waiting for the homophobic comment next...that's about all that's left unless he wants to jump into necrophilia or cannibalism.

He's buds with a former subject of the do the math.

Anonymous said...

well. moving on lil doggies..

i did hear that rumor this past Saturday in Clancy's .. at the bar.
whatever that's worth.

Anonymous said...

If he ran, what would that mean?

Who would be backing him, who'd be against him, would he be a more attractive option this time around?

Why is the T-P pushing that last name begins with J woman from the school board, and Damabala, schools were your original beat, what's the deal with her?

I've heard strong pros and cons, but I'd appreciate your opinion.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Clancy's would be a pretty credible place to hear the rumor.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I tell what you Anon....I would give you strong pros and cons on Jacobs as well.

I'm very ambivalent when it comes to Jacobs. She's one of the most bull headed people I witnessed during that documentary, but she's also smart as hell.

I can't imagine she would be a very good coalition builder and she's certainly not "in the favor" of those she would need to build coalitions with.

I suspect the TP will support her if she runs...the general opinion is that our current Charter school success was her baby and I think she deserves credit for that.

But I can't imagine she would could get past her superiority complex enough to make a successful politician....she's used to getting what she wants and I could foresee some train wrecks on the horizon if she actually got elected.

Plus I think Georges has already cornered the filthy rich white candidate market.

I'd be extremely surprised if she runs and even more surprised is she came close to winning.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Anon, Leslie was the author of the LEAP test....that fact alone could drive the stake through her heart with a large portion of votes she needs to round up to win.

Jason Brad Berry said...


I think Mitch would be a boon for the city as mayor. Many reasons but the top two on my list are his understanding of our cultural economy and Tourism industry and how to expand it, and his ability to call the White House and get shit done. I don't think any candidate in the field has that last ability like he does.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the first amendment great!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have this theory that Mitch gets into NO mayoral races not win them but to keep other people from winning them.

Sooooo, yeah, he should be jumping in at some point....

Clay said...

Times-Pic published it in the Metro section sometime over the weekend.

Gambit called up Mitch and he flatly denied it.

# Reconfirmed: Despite rumors, Lt Gov Mitch Landrieu told @The_Gambit last week he was NOT reconsidering the #nola mayor's race.12:17 PM Oct 20th from Echofon

# Despite rumors, Lt Gov Mitch Landrieu told @The_Gambit last week he was NOT reconsidering the #nola mayor's race.11:13 AM Oct 20th from Power Twitter

Anonymous said...

Troy Henry? He's a Bush supporter (like Nagin), a self styled businessman (like Nagin), a public contract/city franchise hog (like Nagin) and a robber baron (Henry late of the Ernon band of thieves, and Nagin of Cox Cable, another band of thievin rats). . . I also hear Henry is an itimate of Oliver Thomas and that band of thieves.

Anonymous said...

Clay - I heard on WWL AM this morning a live interview with Mitch Landrieu in which he failed to say that he wouldn't run and at the end the WWL commentator (not Landrieu) said that Landrieu conclused with a "We'll see."

Well, Fielkow's out, maybe Mitch had thought he was "in".

It would also do a nice job of splitting or killing George's white vote, now wouldn't it?

Say, does ANYBODY have any idea whop could be remotely to safely called a reformer or 'good governmment' candidate on the order of a Fielkow in this whole thing? No, I don't include Landirue in that category.

- Sobieski.