Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I can see the fox headline now...

"New Orleans mayor suggests communism is better solution for disaster response"

Maybe that was his goal. I think he may end up setting back Cuban/American relations with that response more than helping them. Let's see what cycle the spin machine takes it to.

Ray Nagin: Cuba's government is ideal for storm response


Anonymous said...

That story was so funny!

I was with him for a second about that Cuba trip. Since the Russians cut off their oil, they've redesigned the practical systems that organize their whole society in energy efficient and equitable ways, at least in terms of food distribution and access to medical care.

Maybe coping with storms, too. Who knows?

But holy fuck, he likes them for their STYLE OF GOVERNMENT?

Yeah, I guess there isn't much difficulty establishing a chain of command in a TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP.

He also likes how they know their citizens at "a very detailed, block by block level"? That's a little scary.

One member of the Nagin team used to rag on me about my politics, which were insufficiently pro-Rove for his comfort.

I'm laughing my ass off to see his crazy boss praising the Castros now.

These people swing from one evil extreme to the other. Why don't they swing low with those of us in the middle for a while?

Leigh C. said...

Ned Sublette also commented in The Year Before The Flood on how well the Cuban government and its people handle the onset of hurricanes...and though there are probably some things that can be learned from what they do, becoming a communist dictatorship in order to effectively deal is not an ideal solution by ANY stretch of the imagination.

Lordy, the Walking Id certainly can't vacate the mayor's office fast enough. He ain't no diplomat, that's for sure.

jeffrey said...

Leigh, I just checked out The Year Before the Flood from the library. Is it worth a look? Cuz I've got a lot of stuff to read and I had to put his last book down because it was too full of annoying pretentious language.

Leigh C. said...

It's his best one yet, Jeffrey, definitely worth a look. And if you thought The World That Made New Orleans was pretentious, stay away from Cuba And Its Music.