Sunday, October 04, 2009

Snafu x 2

I screwed up the schedule on Ringside politics, I will be on this Friday coming up.

But to make up for a former snafu, NolaTrey has posted our Radio Chaos show from about a month can get that here.

Disclaimer: RC is a free for all so if you are offended by....well....humor....don't listen. Of course if you were easily offended you wouldn't be on AZ in the first place now would you?


Anonymous said...

I read the article about the new potential contenders in the Mayor's race.

A name I didn't know much about was Troy Henry. I followed the hypertext to see the story about his involvement in the public planning process, but I also went and looked him up at the Sec of State.

This Dude seems to have a whole bunch of little LLCs.

I read through the names of them and went, "Oh, shit, where have I seen this particular mix of aviation, real estate, consulting, and so on before?

Am I the only m*****f***** who does NOT have a crapload of LLCs registered to me?

There is at least one, and possibly there are two, Troy Henry's with a whole bunch of LLCs.

Which one is planning the run for Mayor, and who are his friends and associates?

Troy Henry #1 has: Infinity Fuels LLC, Muddy Chess LLC, Aviation Management Group LLC, District 100 Community Development Corporation LLC, Louisiana ITS Design/Build LLC.

This Troy Henry's enterprises are not in good standing as he has not filed an annual report this year.

If this is the one running for Mayor, it does not bode well for his attention to detail.

After the "Infinity Surety" BS I'm leery of any LLC with "Infinity" in the name. How 'bout you?

Troy Henry #2, Troy A. Henry, has: Henry Consulting LLC, Henry Marketing LLC, Henry Associates, and Ninth Ward Sports Group LLC.

Does anyone know the skinny on Troy Henry?

Which one is the Mayoral candidate, and why does he think he's got the stroke to run and/or win?

Maybe the next Mayor of New Orleans should not have any design/build, aviation related, or consulting LLCs? Does that seem reasonable?

Anonymous said...

Troy Henry and Troy A. Henry are the same person. All those funky little LLC's belong to the same man.

He's been the project manager for the Unified New Orleans Plan.

Here's the important part for me:

I think this was the Troy Henry who used to be southern regional manager of the United Water (their parent company is Suez, which readers of "The Shock Doctrine" should be familier with) when they put in a bid to privatize Water services (Sewerage and Water Board) in New Orleans.

It was Eddie Sapir, another potential Mayoral candidate, who brought that water privatization bid forward, and Troy Henry told the press back then that he thought the private companies could do a better job with water services than the public utility.

Henry has IBM, Enron, and United Water on his resume. That makes him one of the bad guys in my universe. He was with United Water when they messed things up in Atlanta.

jeffrey said...

Yeah yeah whatever. Dude I owe you a case of Abita thanks to those 4-0 Saints.

Anonymous said...

I heard Southern and Active Solution have been sued in East Baton Rouge Parish Court for stealing the camera technology from Camsoft. So what now, How can you sue somebody that you stole yourself?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the last comment, I am looking forward to the day when this entire Nagin Administration Scuzzbucket Brigade does a perp walk.

I used to feel sorry for them because of the crazy horror show they had to cope with and fix post K and flood, but now I just hope they all go down hard.