Saturday, October 10, 2009

Threat Boy...

Anonymous said...

i think you are an asshole I lost my job because of your stupid fuckin comments re upper mgmt you killed the little guy now it's your turn

September 29, 2009 4:59:00 PM CDT

Anonymous said...

Still out of a job due to this fucking blog asshole. I know where you hang. Soon mutherfucker soon!

October 10, 2009 2:29:00 PM CDT

The only thing that's going to suck more than losing your job is losing your job and going to jail. I assume you must have worked a tech job at City Hall...probably for MAS. If you think I was responsible for MAS losing their contract, you're a damn fool.

Whatever you think, I assume you know what an IP address is....I have yours....both times you commented. Actually all three times you commented, including your little "test".

So here's how we can deal with this. You don't need to "know where I hang". You give me a time a and place and I'll meet you man to man. Or, you can keep making veiled death threats on here and you can go to fucking jail....then you won't have to worry about getting a job.

Ball's in your court, big nuts.


Anonymous said...

Well, you kinda earn the threats. What you do is simply rehash the news, provide no real value-add. Why do you find time in your precious day to do this? Were you wronged somehow by one of these companies? Feel left out? Low self esteem, don't fit in? Nobody will deny that these bastards are corrupt, but at the same time, nobody thinks "Hey, I want a job with a company that is doing bad business..."

So when you decide to meddle in affairs that are already public knowledge and are being investigated, and you decide to take it upon yourself to exacerbate and already bas situation and twist the thorn even more, their is collateral damage - you actually affect innocent people in a very bad way. If I lost my job because of you, I'd be pissed too.

And you're not even a journalist. If you have special access or better information, why not just give it to law enforcement and be done? I'll tell you why - you're pompous, arrogant, and need your daily superiority fix.

Jason Brad Berry said...


Jason Brad Berry said...

Hey that the argument you're going to present when you see me in court?

"You kinda earn the threats."

That'll play well.

Jason Brad Berry said...
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Anonymous said...

Dambala, this is scary. Please be OK.

To first anon here, I don't know if you are the one threatening AZ, but you are not right at all in my opinion.

"Nobody will deny that these bastards are corrupt..." Well, lots of people do deny that they are. They deny it themselves.

They go to court to deny it, they try to spin stories in the press to deny it, or they try to have stories quashed.

They hide their activities by setting up complicated networks of shell companies. They create and dissolve entities and business partnerships. They do things in secret.

Scott Sewell put in his official statements that Frank Fradella made a death threat against him to try to get him to shut up about HSOA and its subsidiaries!

These guys will do anything to deny responsibility and to keep themselves looking sweet.

They show up to cut ribons, kiss babies, or to do some public acts of charity to make them seem like good guys.

Eddie Price perjured himself; Hubbard was right on the edge of doing so. How many of the rest of them think of doing that to protect their false selves?

Ordinary people who get wronged by these guys sit alone thinking that they were the only one hurt by these bright and shiny people who have profiles written about them in the business papers, or who are feted and admired, and even re-elected, by a loyal constituancy.

People may not even know that there was anything going on behind the scenes that set up the conditions that destroyed their honest businesses or lives.

Dambala seems to have gotten involved at first because little kids who go to public schools were being messed with by disgusting, corrupt building and services contractors.

You don't think someone should be looking out for those kids?

So what if sometimes it is just about drawing people's attention to already published stories?

If they are already published, some professional editor already looked over them to make sure there was no libel in them, and to do the kind of fact-checking ordinary people cannot do.

My grandma used to send me newspaper clippings about stuff she thought I might be interested in.

Posting previously published stories here and adding one's own honest questions about what is going on is no different.

It isn't even as if there is any AZ shaping of the opinions that are shared about his different posts. Posters disagree, contradict, and correct one another.

Everybody NOW knows that Meffert was doing wrong, but when AZ started to ask questions and to connect the dots, this was hardly common knowledge.

AZ's questions led others with more resources to turn their skills and time to looking into the questions he and others raised.

If you worked for one of these "bastards" and won't deny that they are corrupt, you are HARDLY the "innocent" you claim to be.

You affirm that they are corrupt, but then get upset that people who learn that they are corrupt don't want to do business with them? WTF?

Simple solution: take responsbility for your own career, life, and reputation by ensuring that you do not work for, or associate with, people you know or suspect are corrupt.

Jason Brad Berry said...

BTW, Dallas...Have you checked how much time in your precious day you're spending on this blog? I've got the numbers if you're interested.

Clancy DuBos said...

Way to go, Dambala.

oysterboy said...

So Anonymous, let me summarize your points for you, as I understand them:

"Well, you kinda earn the threats."
- You endorse death threats

"Nobody will deny that these bastards are corrupt, but at the same time, nobody thinks "Hey, I want a job with a company that is doing bad business..." "
- You justify continuing to work for a corrupt company by claiming ignorance.

"So when you decide to meddle in affairs that are already public knowledge and are being investigated, and you decide to take it upon ..."
- Leave corruption investigations to the authorities. You have no right, even as a taxpayer, to make sure that public money isn't being burned.

"If I lost my job because of you, I'd be pissed too."
- If I lost my job because of you, I'd make death threats too.

"And you're not even a journalist. If you have special access or better information, why not just give it to law enforcement and be done?"
- Leave it to the journalist (which you are not) because they have special access.

My Comment:
OK, your pathetic excuse for reasoning leaves me wondering on what planet, what plane of reality do you live on? The obvious absence of any ethical proclivity begs the question, who the fuck are you anyway?

Anonymous said...

Jason, have you found Jesus Christ? And if not, why not? Give yourself over to Him, let go of the hate, and live in the faith of the Lord.

Jason Brad Berry said...

who's hating? the last time I checked I was being threatened not making the threats.

You mean have I found the myth of Dionysus? Yeah I read that a long time ago in college. I dig the Christ interpretation...its very well defined. Only problem with that is that the more you define a deity , the less infinite they become. Sucks for J.C. Lot's of folks through history died for and because of him.

Have you "found" Papa Legba? I can tell you how if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dambala. You've been taking a lot of hits for all of us lately, and I'm really grateful that you do what you do.

I'd like to respond to the dick who asked if you'd "found Jesus" by telling you a happy little story about buying my baby daughter a new toothbrush.

She liked the "Dora the Explorer" one where Dora was depicted as a mermaid princess.

Dora's not just a mermaid, not just a princess, but a mermaid princess.

If she had fairy wings and a pony, too, it would be baby girl heaven.

I looked a little closer at the picture, and I went, "Holy Shit, it's La Siren."

Dora's mermaid princess guise bore a striking resemblance to a certain iconic figure from your faith tradition, AZ, the Sacred Lady who graced the Rising Tide poster.

Yes, my friend, plagued as we all are by "Christian" fundementalists, it was nice to see a popularized version of a deity from that Afro-Caribbean pantheon sneaking into our local big chain drugstore.

In addition to the toothbrush, we got her the matching sippy cup.

My daughter brings her pagan sippy cup with her when we go to Mass, and all the old Haitian women at our church look at her a couple seconds extra and use their thumbs to lay a blessing on her sweet little head.

Anonymous said...

Just what I suspected, you're a God-less soul. Don't worry, I will pray for you.

Jason Brad Berry said...

now i can rest easy.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Oh and Dallas,

- Were you wronged somehow by one of these companies?


- Feel left out?

nope...I'm not to keen on getting indicted.

- Low self esteem, don't fit in? in to to what?

- So when you decide to meddle in affairs that are already public knowledge and are being investigated,

they weren't...that's the point. Most of this wasn't public knowledge.

Anonymous said...

there's a lot of noise here but let me say as someone who worked for MAS and has since lost that job (when the administration awarded a new contract with only, ahem, 9 months left in its term), let me say..

trying to blame or fault MAS employees is absurd. Nobody has done anything except work hard for the city they call home and try to provide for our families. Further, there is no corruption at the company that we should have picked up on. there were no Venture Brothers -style villians walking around the office wringing thier hands.

further I haven't seen or read any criminal dirt regarding MAS. just the ballyhoo about the CMS it licensed. until we have then it's silly to promote the conspiracy charges on everyone working for city hall.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yes..and thank you for that. I have never criticized MAS employees, in fact I've shown solidarity with the unfortunate position they were put in by the owners of the company. I think if you read my posts regarding the situation with the CMS that is very apparent. There were commenters who hurled barbs at the "quality" of the CMS, etc....but I have personally been sympathetic with the folks who end up getting screwed because of questionable contracts like this.

I know that the MAS employees may not have even received their last paycheck from the city, which I think is a damn crime unto itself.

My purpose in bringing the situation to light was to look at the bad practices which led the IT department into the situation they were in...i.e., not being able to pay their contractors, having no foresight in their strategies, etc.

I think the threat hurler is trying to kill the messenger...literally. But I guess that comes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you'll be hearing from threat-boy, AZ. Doesn't sound like "man to man" is his style.

Anonymous said...

OK you are correct. It was simple rage. Do not intent to come after you in any way. I actually remember your "solidarity" piece and respect that. It stops here. Lo siento AZ

Jason Brad Berry said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I scrolled all the way down to the last piece that seemed to have new comments!

This is good news. Thank you to the threat making man for stepping back and apologizing.

Anonymous said...

Isn't anonymity fun?

Jason Brad Berry said...

wouldn't know