Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The biggest ego in town

...calls the TP the biggest bully in town:

Greg Meffert: “The Times-Picayune is the biggest bully in town.”

Among the letters and statements of support, were there any from city officials or Meffert’s old boss, Mayor Ray Nagin? Meffert laughed at the question. “What do you think?” he said.

Here's what I think....I think Muppet may be the biggest damn fool in the history of New Orleans politics and if he had any sense he would follow Ray Nagin's lead.

Muppet goes on the stand for 7 hours and spills tons of information under oath, then is brazen enough to threaten a lawsuit against Da Paper....one he could never win....which "if" it actually happened would open him up to even more time on the stand and even that much more opportunity to incriminate himself through the discovery process. What a pregnant idea.

Now compare that with the information I just gleaned today....I got word that within the last 2 weeks Nagin has been quietly shuffled in and out of federal court no less than 3 times. He has apparently been slithering down to the other end of Poydras street for what? I don't know...but I think we can all guess.

See the difference? At least Nagin knows when to lay low.

I don't think Muppet is gonna have the opportunity to file a libel suit, I think by the end of the week he's gonna be stocking up on soap on a rope.


Anonymous said...

Does your source have any more for you on Nagin's court appearances?

That piqued my interest.

mominem said...

That's why I see him in Lil Dizzy's for lunch all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you think he's been going straight from court to Lil Dizzy's to talk to someone or some other someone about John Georges's campaign for Mayor?

How funny would that be?

Is anyone from Nagin's staff already enrolled to work as campaign staff for Georges?

Anonymous said...

I will file the suit, and I will win. There is no soap in my future, as I've struck a deal with the Feds to testify against Nagin. Now who's the fool, tool?

Jason Brad Berry said...

git you some

Jason Brad Berry said...

I thought you'd dropped out Trollkin.