Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The City that Responsibilty Forgot

Jesus....its like this city is breeding people who refuse to take responsibility.

The most outrageous statement in Blakely's Id rant is this quip:

"New Orleanians expected someone else to do it all along."

Never mind that we ARE fucking doing it all alone. We are busting our asses to rebuild this city and we've done one helluva job in spite of prima donna fuckers like him sucking money out of the system to sit on his ass and lather up his ego.

What a royal dicksmack.

Alright, got that outta the way.

Saints are fo' true, baby!!


oysterboy said...

He was a defensive whining blow hard out of the gate. He always reminded me of one of those annoying little better-than-thou skidmarks in jr. high who were always getting the crap beat out of them, but never learned. You might feel a little sorry for them, but they'd keep shooting their mouth off to the wrong person.

The only thing I agree with him on and would offer in response is that "yes, shitwit, you should have left the job earlier."

Pistolette said...

I'm starting to wonder if we just bring out the worst in people. Or perhaps we're so different from the rest of America they just shudder with frustration.

GentillyGirl said...

`We are different and we have our own Dance of Life.

I loved living in old Kowloon and Bangkok. Seattle and S.F. were good places, but this city is the place to "live in".

Anonymous said...

Remember, Nagin travelled with and to Blakely not all that long ago.

Really, all, when do we all admit that what we saw was a common policy: to prevent development and commercial progress.

So as to prevent a change in the economic, social and political fabric.

Yes, incompetence and corruption as public policy, it exists, it's purposeful and it has a means and an ends.

You won't hear Nagin complaining about Blakely's comments.

But our de facto mayor, Arnie Fielkow has.

Say, can we get a post on who is filling Nagin's shoes here in terms of who will take his support (yes, he has it among certain quarters)?

I'm guessing Georges, who just kicked off in Treme. That's old OT territory, right???