Monday, November 02, 2009

Kill the Messenger

Damn....he wasted no time at all blaming someone else. Believe it or not this whole thing is a conspiracy on the part of the Picayune to destroy his good name:

Those damn "profit-driven plaintiff lawyers"....that got a snort laugh out of me.

He thinks he's got a libel case against the TP? Seems like everyone is out to kill the messenger these days. Good luck on that lawsuit....good luck finding a lawyer to take that lawsuit. I would pretty much bet Randy Smith has closed his briefcase and skedaddled as far the fuck away from Muppet as possible.

I think we have the answer to my previous post....scenario #2 is the winner.


Anonymous said...

The shout out to his wife and family was pretty amazing given the strippers, etc.

Why do people convicted of crimes all of a sudden remember that they are parents and shove their kids out center stage to make them look more sympathetic?

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that every time one City Hall person or another wants to suggest that they are pure as the driven snow and that the evil press or the evil bloggers are out to defame them,

they start using this weird flowery and exagerated language, as if they are out of some cartoon knock-off of a tale of courtly love?

What is that? Why do they do that? Have any social scientists written about this?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Well sir, as luck would have it my background is in social science (anthropology) per your comment, yes, the phenomenon has now been documented in a somewhat dubious yet marginally reputable forum.

An interesting caveat you may not be aware of: Muppet has a psychology degree.

bullshit aside...yeah...I wonder about the psyche of these people. At least Dollar Bill just shut up and took his medicine. It just amazes me that they're all so incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions. I guess the public service arena draws those type of egos out.

Anonymous said...

dollar bill took his medicine? uh not for several years... remember the Honorable Explanation? he spewed his share of denial-BS...

Jason Brad Berry said...

I'm saying after he was indicted. He's been very quiet and humble since the verdict.