Friday, November 20, 2009

when your ass, literally, gets stuck to the chair

...that's the stuff of legend.


He and the chair became one.

That may be the greatest man bites dog story in the history of journalism.


Anonymous said...

"Daniel Webb Dead: Obese SC Man Died After 8 Months In Home Recliner, Didn't Have Health Insurance"

i love the political spin on this title.

should have read:
"Daniel Webb Dead: Obese SC Man Died After 8 Months In Home Recliner not because of the lack of health insurance but because he choose to eat himself to death"

Anonymous said...

OK, this has nothing to do with asses in chairs but please, please Dambala do you have any inkling of what Letten's announcement will be about today at 2?

Daddy Earl said...

Being morbidly obese is an auto-qualifier for SSDI which leads to Medicare/Medicaid. There is no excuse and the "no insurance" spin is mere pandering.
His wife/family should share in his demise for allowing him to eat himself to death. Someone had to bring the food to him. But then, no one was forcing him to eat it. I'm so sick of everyone looking to place the blame except where it belongs. In the end, we are each responsible for ourselves and the results of our choices.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Neko amigo...

Jason for Mayor!