Friday, November 20, 2009

At High actually at 2 pm

I believe today's 2 pm announcement by Mr. Letten will be to indict O.C. Coleman and Ben Edwards. I don't know for sure could be the other thing I've been hinting around at.

I'm hoping its Edwards....this guy needs to go down.


Anonymous said...

Being a registered Republican can't help O. C. now that Lettin answers to Obama.

Ricardo said...

Darn! Looks like JL was focused on the other side of the temple this week. He went after the Money Lenders again this week. Sure wish his bosses Holder and Obama would do the same thing.

Jason Brad Berry said...

hang tight, Ricardo....this thing is episodic.

Anonymous said...

I missed it. Who was indicted?

Anonymous said...

The indictment was related to the second Ponchatoula ponzi scheme revealed this week. What is going on in Ponchatoula? Is it something in the strawberries?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a trend here, and tried to see if there is a kind of "policy" or concept with Nagin's theory of "government" ever since hearing him on WBOK a couple months ago tell a prospective call-in businessman to come into City Hall with his ideas and he would surely "hook you up" [after which he quickly corrected himself].

Take a promising front man, whether it be Meffert or Mayfield or Burgos, pose it as a private entrepreneurship concept and bring on the benefits on the back end to whomever.


>Juneau's development team, which responded to a request for proposals issued by Nagin's administration in September, also includes restaurateur Leah Chase, Voodoo Experience festival producer Steve Rehage and a handful of music-industry executives who have expressed, in writing, their desire to set up shop in the revamped space. "With this kind of cooperation and this kind of partnership," Nagin said, "I can't imagine them (council members) not supporting this."<

Another of your commentators noted about a possible Rehage / Ernest Collins connection (the full circle on this is amazing). What does Mayfield have to do with development? What did Burgos do in development before he was brought on board for the City Hall Annex and the Lake Forest mall? Meffert had put together how many municipal interconnectivity networks?

In none of these situations were any bids ever put out, Nagin just "announced" his grande scheme.

The only way anything gets done in this City is if someone gets "hooked" up.


Who else? The Syvains perhaps?

Consider Nagin's statement that government is the (biggest?) (only?) growth industry in New Orleans.

There is *no* way that Nagin, who views himself as the City's CEO, is doing this without a profit to himself.

The question is how.

Anonymous said...

>"We are being strangled, and they're using the money to set local policies to try to take control of the city to do things that they had in mind all along, and that's to shrink the footprint, get a bunch of developers in the city, and try to do things in a different way," Nagin said. "We're not going to let that happen. They're going to give us our money, and we're going to rebuild this city."

>"using the money to set local policies to try to take control of the city"< I.e., set up the IG's office and put every contract worth anything up for public and open bid.

>"shrink the footprint"< I.e. focus on spending our resources on the most secure and viable locations.

>"get a bunch of developers in the city"< I.e., not Nagin's developers, like Stewart Juneau, Cesar Burgos, Sean Cummings, and Greg Meffert.

>"and try to do things in a different way"< I.e., IG review (or other independent entity like NORA), with public and open bidding. Because the way we've been doing things has worked so bloody well.

>"Us"< I.e., not Orleanians, but Nagin and his friends.

Edwards I suppose fits into this whole concept, heck maybe he originated it for Nagin.

Anonymous said...

Please post something new soon, Zombie. Hope Neko Case's show was all you'd wanted it to be.

Anonymous said...

Considering a name that popped up earlier in this thread, it seems like a good time to ask a few questions.

Following the destruction, by post-K tornado, of the State Police Troop B radio tower and facility at the foot of Vets, a new building began to be built nearby, on a large man-made hill. I do not believe I was alone in wondering if the mystery project was a replacement state police facility or emergency response bunker. Instead, it turns out to be headquarters for the RTA and the Regional Planning Commission.

Precisely how was it funded? Are the other tenants in this massive new complex? Is the land leased or owned? From whom? At what cost?

Anonymous said...

To answer the last anon:

Cesar Burgos.

That's a name that needs to be talked about more.

No transportation management experience, yet named heard of the RTA.

Received the City Annex building and a whole city block of property on Canal Street for a song.

He's received the Lake Forest Plaza mall in NO East for development, again for a song.

Say is the City Annex - owned by our RTA chief - part of the buy back for the Med Center proposal? If not, don't be surprised if he owns a lot of the property that is.

>Neither the city nor the state owns that land yet. Most of the neighborhood is residential, with a few large commercial buildings sprinkled in -- including the abandoned Dixie brewery on Tulane Avenue and the former City Hall annex on Canal Street. The annex has been closed since 1999, and the city sold it in October to a partnership that includes Cesar Burgos, the president of the Regional Transit Authority board. If the hospital proposal moves forward, the city and state will be in the position of having to buy it back.<

Shoot, even if it isn't part of the grid for the new med center, the value would have to sky rocket after it's being built.

Is this really why all this is going on?

Anonymous said...

The former City Hall Annex at 2400 Canal is, most definitely, within the VA's part of the footprint.

The former City Hall Annex did not sell in October. Just a few months after Katrina, the City indicated it would auction the property. It sold at auction in early 2006.

Another key property, the former Claiborne Towers, also sold at auction, post-K.

Yet another, the former Cox Cable building, sold to the NORA Group in 2006.

The former City Hall Annex and a building at 2330 Canal received dispensations from the building permit ban that has held Lower MidCity hostage since December 2007. Within the last year or so, the former City Hall Annex was added to the National Register of Historic Places and, presumably, got tax and renovation monies.

Last year, the Mayor's Office of Recovery and Development Administration rolled out an informational website (nolamedzone) about the biomed project in general and the VA project in particular. It is hosted on the Regional Planning Commission's servers, as a public service. Caitlin Cain is the contact.

Remember that shiny new building at the foot of Veterans? The RPC and the RTA are among the tenants.

Anonymous said...

Burgos went on the recent Cuban trip, didn't he? Has he been part of the mayoral entourage for other trips?