Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don't worry

City Attorney cancels all outside legal work; blight hearings affected

Fields said she's also re-evaluating all the civil lawsuits that the city is involved in to decide whether the cut in funding will keep the city from adequately pursuing them.


Nagin is just pissing on everything he can before his sorry ass goes bye bye. Let him throw his fit, there are brighter days ahead for this city.

He'll be left to reflect on his legacy of inaction and corruption for years to come. The city will pick itself up and move on. The best thing we can do is look forward at this point.


Anonymous said...

These Nagin people are sad. How do they live with themselves?

'Cause I'm guessing the money for the Washington lawyers who are in on the "defend Nagin" racket is still going to them.

oysterboy said...

Yeah, that "no-can-do" attitude takes a lot of discipline.

vern50 said...

I want you people to know that I, C. Ray, call the shots!!! You make me mad, I will piss on everything around to be sure you don't play with anything!!!

How you like me now????

Anonymous said...

I am all for this. Hopefully C. Ray will burn enough bridges that we'll never hear from him or any of his lackeys again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the lackeys...are they going to keep their City Hall jobs once the new guy (or gal) is installed as Mayor?

Will the new team seperate the sheep from the goats, letting ordinary staffers stay, but dumping the staffers who identified themselves as Ray's people?

Shit, are Ray's people working on various campaigns already, making sure that there is a tenticle reaching into every potential new power bloc?

How many comittee positions or party elected offices are held by the lackeys? All Ray's people involved in bond issuing, libraries, OPDEC and so on: will they get to stay in the game?

Will the Democratic party keep them on the roster, cycling them through campaign work and government jobs for the rest of their lives?

Or will they emerge as real estate moguls, petit "barons of blight"?

My suspicion is that they will be turning up like bad pennies for years to come.