Monday, December 07, 2009

Hell to the Yeah, II

Mitch Is Running After All


jeffrey said...


Ricardo said...

Did Mitch just put Mary in a major bind? If she continues her Blue Bitch bullshit on healthcare reform with a public option it will cost her brother votes.

Hey Mary, how'd you like to be blamed for this loss?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I don't think so Ricardo. I know that's being floated around as an issue but I honestly don't think her platform will affect this race in any significant way.

The true issues of this race have little to do with issues on the national stage. The problems we have to address are municipal, not so much national. I just don't see her health care stance being an issue.

I'm happy he's getting in because I think he's one of the only candidates that has direct access to the Obama administration. The people that are crying "career politician" are fools...that's exactly what we need right now. We need a very skilled politician and I think Mitch is the best qualified candidate in the field, hands down. He can pick up a phone and get just about anybody he wants on the other line.

I feel pretty relieved that he's running...I just didn't have full confidence in the rest of the field. I do have confidence in Landrieu.

Anonymous said...


Mitch is not in this to win.

Here we go again.

He is in it to keep others from winning. In this case, likely Georges.

Do not ignore the placement in time of this to Nagin;s comments about the er "community" candidates unifying behind one as others drop out. Step 2 is marginalize and break up the white vote.

Now more than ever with this screwey, short, Saints and Carnival distraction laden campaign season.

This race had no reform minded ethical candidates and it still doesn't.

Usualy shananigans X 10 in light of how many times we've been through this and what we have had riding on it.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- No.

Mitch is not in this to win.

simply untrue.

Anonymous said...

Will be interesting to see what Jacobs and Georges do. Both had their shot to create momentum...neither did. Neither can win now and financial support is likely to dry up. Will they continue to run?

Jacobs, probably no way...I imagine right now she's pissed off about spending as much as she did on media only to have Mitch jump back in. But the T-P is reporting that she checked in with Mitch before she started her campaign and he gave a noncomittal answer. So she knew what she was getting into. I think she'll get over it and join forces with Mitch - they have the same politics and there is plenty of work to be done.

Georges will probably march stubbornly on; making a tough display seems more important to him than who actually wins.

Anonymous said...

should Mitch be using his State office to run for local office....?

Mitch Landrieu now eyeing N.O. mayoral race
According to several Capitol sources, and a number of blog and newspaper reports overnight, Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu has made a last-minute decision to jump into the New Orleans race for mayor. It's an unexpected twist for even Big Easy insiders, and an official announcement could come as soon as today. When Business Report profiled Landrieu last month, he told us that "one day" he wanted to be governor, and he had not changed his mind about running for mayor. "He's No. 2 with a bullet" does offer a sneak peak at how Landrieu will run for mayor using his job as lieutenant governor as a springboard. For example, Landrieu said that his team at the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism would unveil a master plan for the New Orleans tourism market before the end of the year. All of the other regions of the state would be grouped together in a separate study in 2010, he added. While New Orleans is the Big Kahuna of tourism in Louisiana, it's not difficult to see how the master plan could play into Landrieu's campaign themes—and garner him media attention—as qualifying, which runs Wednesday through Friday, gives way to real politicking. For the full version of this story, click here.—Jeremy Alford

Jason Brad Berry said...

- should Mitch be using his State office to run for local office....?

So let me get this right...he's not supposed to excel at his current job and he has no right to tout his current efforts to promote himself in his run for mayor.

That's really funny, because the other side of your echo chamber is saying he's done nothing.

So basically you don't want him to do anything so you can berate him for having done nothing.

Makes perfect sense.

bruthaman1 said...

whoever thinks mitch is in the race just to split votes with other white canidates-pass it to me next so i can hit it before it burns out. mitch is a career politician and i don't think he gets into races to split up votes. thats rob couhigs job. mitch is obviously the front-runner in both the general and run-off. the racial politics while still there are not nearly as charged as they were after katrina. and even then mitch picked up a good % of the black vote. the one concern i have about him is if he still is looking to be govenor and how that would affect how he manages the city. if he does want to be govenor it might turn out bad for the city because he would have to play to constituents in other parishes that don't look fondly upon anything new orleans. but hopefully i'm wrong.

Whirlygurl said...

My only comment about the late entry is he has lied twice now that I know of. He lied to the zoo keeper and said he was not going to run in 2006, numnuts jumps in and then Mitch changed his mind. Then he told the Leslie Jacobs he was not running, she spends her money and then changes his mind again.

I like Mitch, but he doesn't have the balls it will take to go into the rat nest and straighten it out. He doesn't like to be unpopular and the next Mayor will be no matter what just because the mess will require major financial changes and NO ONE will like it.