Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I need a word for this

Is there a word for getting enjoyment out of exposing yourself to stupidity? I know the Germans pegged schadenfreude, but I think Oyster may have to peg this semantic nugget if he keeps linking to this ass clown.

Admittedly, I too, was amused ( in a pitiful way) at this guy's attempt to berate Oyster by referring to him with every seafood moniker he could muster, other than an oyster, i.e., reveling that he made "clam chowder" out of him.

Let me help you out with some analogies, brah:

Did you put him on a cracker and slurp him down? Did you irradiate him and make him taste bad? Could you not even swallow that oyster if it was on a saltine with Tobasco? Did you expose him for the bottom feeder he really is? Did you shuck him with one hand? Did you expose that oyster as having no pearl?

Aside from backpedaling on his previous attempt to suggest Mitch Landrieu is racist by taking a quote Mitch made, in a video, completely out of context....this guy's current thesis seems to be:

Let’s talk about opportunity, which is what Mitch, I’m sure, says he believes in. Then why not give somebody else the opportunity to be mayor?

So Mitch doesn't believe in opportunity because he's running for mayor? Is that the point of this post, titled, "Why Mitch"?

or is it this:

But Mitch, you care so much for New Orleans you’d rather smother those ideas with your tired and tried ideas that has brought New Orleans from the city you once knew to the city it became.

Let me get this right....Mitch Landrieu is responsible for the evolution of the city from some undetermined point residing in his memory until the present? Did he think the city into existence? Exactly what position did Landrieu hold that gave him such omnipotent power over the city of New Orleans? I had no idea the Lt. Governor position or serving in the LA State Legislature ordained one with the powers of Vishnu over New Orleans. If you don't get that reference, Avman, email Bobby J....or ask Maitri.

But wait, I think I get the gist of it in this paragraph:

I find that Louisiana isn’t short on people with ideas, but Louisiana has an abundance of are politicians who run for office, and instead of doing to job they were elected to do, immediately start looking for something else to run for. Some of it, I understand. Take Charlie Melancon, I don’t want Charlie Melancon as my next Senator, but I understand why he’s running, it’s a step up for Representative.

So the real thesis is people shouldn't run for an office if this guy doesn't understand why they are running. Now I get it. That and Mitch is the death knell of opportunity for New Orleans because he is mystically responsible for every bad thing that has happened to it....things which douche fails to describe...probably to avoid exposing the racist implications of his perspective.

The anti-Landrieu arguments get more pathetic with every election. I keep waiting for "Mitch eats his boogers." Or, "Mitch sniffs his own farts." This guy has already tried, "Mitch has a funny head"...and he couldn't even get that adolescent snark right, unless there really is such a thing as morris code.

Somebody give me a word for this...please.

UPDATE: As I was writing this post, Oyster was responding.

UPDATE 2: While this isn't the actual word I was looking for, it should definitely be put into circulation:

Editilla said...

Syllodomy: the absolute pundit ass'fuck of syllogism.
Example: If I say + B = C, then you better believe it.



Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a moniker for a race baiter, how bout Naginizer

Anonymous said...

That is so far past tragic that we will need the Germans to come up with a new word for it.

P.S. Did you catch the Troy Henry tweet this morning? "Last night's debate was a victory! I came out on top!"

I mean, he certainly did fine - I enjoyed some of his moments. But how does he measure succcess precisely? Seems a bit immature.

Anonymous said...

I have some questions as this whole Mitch thing is really interesting.

Is there any thing, any issue or position, to NOT like about Mitch outside of the conservatives' framework?

Is that rubric (for/against it) really required?

These are questions, not accusations:

There was a corruption scandal in the film office, right? Isn't that under Landrieu? We have a corruption problem here in NO (putting it real mildly there), if that was under his roof do we take that into account? Or do we just shrug it off, or did he just have nothing to do with that whatsoever? I'm talking active management/mismanagement here, not collusion.

Where does Mitch stand on the ability of the IG to review contracts beforehand?

Where does Mitch stand on Fielkow's transparency ordinance?

Where does Mitch stand on full transparency and sunshine for the contracting process, meaning full review of documents and the listing of all owners and subcontractors?

Where does Mitch stand on the IG's recommendations for changing the budgeting process?

These are laws that need to be implemented or changed in order for this city to prevent, in the future, the kinds of things Nagin (and Morial and/or you name it) has done in the past.

Let's say Mitch is a great mayor and a nice guy. Awesome. What is this city going to do to change the process so that future Nagins and Morials (or whoever else has robbed us as mayor since 1712) can't just step back in and do it all over again?

There have to be systemic changes made in order to prevent that.

Letten won't be around forever.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- There was a corruption scandal in the film office, right? Isn't that under Landrieu?

No! absolutely not. That was under economic development. was really more of the Film commish going wasn't attributed to Kathleen who was Gov at the time.

- Where does Mitch stand on the ability of the IG to review contracts beforehand?

Good question and we'll find out.

- Letten won't be around forever.

yeah but his legacy will linger. it's important to understand the gravity of what's happening right now. Letten is the only one that had the power to truly change the game and he is doing so, rather elegantly I might add.

mominem said...

I actually agree with this snippet;

'Louisiana has an abundance of are politicians who run for office, and instead of doing to job they were elected to do, immediately start looking for something else to run for."

A professional political class is something we can do without. We need fewer minor electoral positions.

We have a government of the politicians by the politicians and for the politicians.

I realize that some say this is because the people don't trust the politicians but we also have a predilection for strong executive positions. The Governor of Louisiana my be the strongest governor in the country and the Mayor of New Orleans may be the strongest mayor in the Country.

Anonymous said...

Dambala, with much respect, as always, I have a follow-up question for you. You originally wrote here in this post in response to my question:

>- Where does Mitch stand on the ability of the IG to review contracts beforehand?

Good question and we'll find out.<

---> Ok, now please note this from this new TP article:

>"Fair-housing attorney James Perry and lawyer Rob Couhig promise complete public access to contracting documents throughout the selection process. Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu and former Civil District Judge Nadine Ramsey stop short of that pledge and stress that the mayor must retain the power to award contracts."<

>"Landrieu supports disclosing the names of anyone with an ownership interests in firms with public contracts or subcontracts. While he would reform contracting policies based on suggestions by "community representatives," he would not commit to opening the selection process or letting voters do so by referendum. "I retain the ultimate authority in the city of New Orleans to make sure that contracting is done in the right way," Landrieu said at a forum last week."<

>"Perry calls for improving the DBE application process, while Landrieu says he would enforce current rules."< - I only mention this one because of the startling response from Perry who seems thoroughly and honestly committed to contract reform in this City.

I recall in the last election in which Landrieu stated in a debate, in response to a question about whether he supported the IG's office, that his administration would not need an IG because he would be an ethical mayor and that regardless contracting was in the purview of the mayor.

Please take serious legitimate concern of Landrieu's responses to these questions on contracting issues in the TP.

Again will/would he approve Fielkow's transparency ordinance?

Where does he stand on the IG's or the public's ability to pre-review contracts?

Where does he stand on the IG's recommendations on the budgeting process?

(Sort of a different issue, but also: Where does he stand on the police monitor sharing the complaints database with the NOPD?)

- Personally, based on his responses, in the primary my vote is now going to Perry or Couhig (I originally had Landrieu as my most likely candidate, but no longer). If it comes down to Landrieu vs Georges or Henry, I will go Landrieu and not even think twice obviously, but please just address these statements from Landrieu.